This summer, experience the wonder of Foresta Lumina, an epic outdoor light show like no other.

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Foresta Lumina is a multimedia experience that transforms the Coaticook Gorge in Quebec into a real-life enchanted forest. Located just a few hours east of Kingston, the 2.6-km trail takes visitors on a magical journey through nine distinctly illuminated zones which are all linked to the story of a woman named Margaret.

"Margaret lived near the forest of Coaticook decades ago and was blessed with an uncommon gift — she could see what others could not see," reads the story posted on the Foresta Lumina website.

"The soul of this woman still breathes in these woods. Walk through Foresta Lumina's enchanted forest to meet fantastic creatures within this magical world."

There are multiple light installations representing various magical personalities to discover as you walk along the trail. You'll come across The Creature, The Tree, The Spirit of the Forest, The Fairies, Thunder, The Misty Portal, and the Devil, all of which have their own unique backstories.

The entire trail takes one to two hours to complete and includes some areas that may be challenging to get through, such as step levels, uphills and downhills, and some suspension footbridges.

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This year, Foresta Lumina will return in June for its first tour of the season. Here's the official schedule for 2018:

  • June 15 and 16, 2018 (open Fri and Sat from 9 pm)
  • June 22 and Sept 23, 2018 (open every evening from 8:30 pm)
  • Sept 7 to Oct 13, 2018 (open Fri and Sat from 8 pm)
  • Oct 7, 2018 (open all evening)

The entrance fee is $16.09 per adult and tickets can be purchased either online or at the site. Book your tickets ahead of time here to ensure you get a spot this season!

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