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Ever wondered why working for Facebook, Google or Twitter is so darn cool? Sure, their offices are decked out and they get to live in Californian paradise but even Toronto tech workers all seem to love their jobs. So what’s the deal?

Tech companies think outside the box – about everything. They offer their employees work they care about, and sweet, sweet benefits. Plus, they get the fame and glory of working in the fastest moving industry on the planet. And what are the other perks of working for a tech company? First up, the snacks.

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1. FREE lunch

Tech companies seriously believe in the actual research (yes, someone studied it) that teams that eat together, work better together. Tech companies are so into the idea that many of them buy you a delicious lunch all week. Free fuel? Yes please!

2. Work in a do-it-now mentality

The iPhone wasn’t built by bored employees sleeping on the job. Innovative companies work on fast schedules, where employees are brainstorming ideas with their team and churning out “prototypes” to solve real-time problems. Guaranteed, you will not fall asleep at your desk.

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3. They take their benefits one step further

Tech companies are inventive inside and out. This means rethinking vacation days, insurance plans and your work schedule - hello flex hours! Other companies will front your gym membership to keep you happy. Sign me up!

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4. Get unlimited vacation days

Ever get the feeling that you could do a job forever and not need a vacation? Lots of people working in tech feel the same way. In fact, some companies even give employees unlimited sick days, and often have to convince them to get out of the offices every once and a while!

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5. Working in tech doesn't mean you'll be coding all day

Don’t speak HTML? Don’t worry. Tech companies need all sorts of people – including social media managers to promote their brand on Instagram, and obviously, salespeople. You can work for a tech company without having an IT degree.

6. Tech parties are the best parties

Some of the best parties in Toronto are sponsored by tech organizations. Almost all of TechTO's events sell out - last month, the mayor of Toronto spoke at the meetup. Trust us, you want to be on the guestlist for these nights out.

7. You can wear what you want

How often have you seen a crowd of tech employees in suits? Almost Never. Employees at almost all tech companies in Toronto wear jeans and t-shirts while coming up with the world’s best ideas. Long live casual Fridays!

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8. The free tech goodies

It's like Christmas, every day! Tech companies, web developers and app-builders all need people to test their devices. If you work for the company that builds them, or the companies that support them, expect presents. Or, at the very least, enough start-up t-shirts to last a lifetime.

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9. The world needs tech almost as much as Ross needs Rachel

Seriously, every industry wants an app. Food companies need delivery apps. Fashion labels need software to manage their stock. Banks want to make sending money easier. Combine your favourite industry with tech and chances are you’ll find a job you like.

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10. The views are out of this world

When the view out your office window is always insta-ready, are you going to complain? Didn’t think so.

These are just a couple of reasons why working in tech is THE best decision that you could ever make. It's not just the perks that make it worthwhile, it's the culture and the environment that you are in every single day. Innovate all day errday!

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