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What do AirBnB, Snapchat, Dropbox, and Uber have in common? They all started out as startups and have made it big in the industry! And these are just a few examples... the world is booming with amazing startups who will undoubtedly conquer the world one day with their cool tech.

It all starts with one really great idea. Who knows, maybe you'll be the mastermind behind the next big thing!

Lucky for you, the Tech industry in Toronto and Waterloo is gaining huge global attention! There are so many options for you to get your foot in the door and start your dream career in the tech industry!  

Here are 14 show-stopper tech apps taking the 6ix by storm, which are sure to catch your interest and inspire you to chase your dreams:

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Pick up an extra shift through Staffy

Are you in the restaurant business but want a flexible schedule or some extra shifts? Staffy lets you take shifts as they come in your hospitality area of expertise, all in one place! They've also partnered up with a ton of restaurants, making your work experience always new and exciting! It’s a great tool for companies looking to expand their staff on a long-term to temporary basis. Personalize your work week with Staffy.

Manage everyone's tasks on Bridgit

An amazing tool for project management, Bridgit is a mobile app that lets you quickly log tasks with photos, which makes your issue tracking time cut in half. Your team is automatically notified when work is assigned to them, and they will receive regular reminders about their uncompleted tasks, so you avoid the constant email update from the project manager. Handy? I think so.

Speed travel through the cities with TransPod

We are speeding into the future with Transpod who are hoping to bring the hyperloop (a very high-speed ground transportation concept) to reality. Hyperloop technology has the potential to be one of the most influential and game-changing technologies of the 21st century!

This will be the first step towards a fast, exciting innovation in travel, expected within 3 to 5 years. Maybe we will be able to ride up to Montreal for the day after all!

via @earnwithdrop

Earn more than money with Drop

Want to earn on your purchase? The Drop app allows you to earn rewards on your purchases with your debit and credit cards. The only catch is to spend money at your favourite stores - which is not really a challenge! When you register and start spending, Drop learns what you like and in return, finds and gives you more opportunities to earn. Win, win?

Light up any room you walk into with OTI Lumionics

Ever dreamt about wearing a shirt that lights up a room? That may soon be possible with OTI Lumionics! The light as a feather, flexible future of lighting using organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) has been being developed at the University of Toronto for over 8 years! Soon, we may even be able to have light up furniture and other wearable items... say what now?!

via @chefsplate

Make dinner easy with Chef's Plate

Ever get home after a long day of work and are simply dreading cooking dinner? Chef's plate makes it ridiculously easy to whip up a home-cooked meal, with fresh ingredients and irresistible recipes delivered straight to your door weekly. There is also a recipe list you can refer to online, just incase you need some additional inspiration!

Connect to your target market through ThinkData Works

ThinkData is changing the way we interact with external data. It is a platform that builds tools to help manage companies' external data. Their platform, Namara, stores and manages important data in an organized way. Say goodbye to messy spreadsheets. ThinkData allows you to get a better idea of the market, and your target audience so you know what you're working with!

via @varagesale

Sell your junk and make money on VarageSale

You definitely don't need a yard to sell your old items anymore! VarageSale is exactly what you think it is: an online garage sale app that lets you buy and sell locally, and safely. Looking to make some extra cash? How about a little spring cleaning with the help of VarageSale.

Connect outside of the classroom with Top Hat

Top Hat is a cloud-based teaching platform that allows students to connect with professors both inside or outside the classroom. It provides students with captivating tools to have mobile educational insights and help, anywhere!

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Get on a health kick with League

Forget traditional confusing health insurance, League is the digital alternative to traditional health insurance and is on a mission to inspire and empower people to live healthier, happier lives! They do this by giving their customers flexible and customizable access to their benefits to manage their personalized health goals in a more realistic way!

via @influitive

Cater to your customers with Influitive

Want to know what the customer wants? Influitive is a platform that helps B2B companies capture customer enthusiasm and use it to turbocharge marketing and sales efforts,  for more rapid and profitable revenue growth. They specialize in the customer experience and how it can help you gain exposure, and make more money.

Make your ideas into realities using Soapbox

Got an amazing idea that you can't wait to share with your colleagues? Share it! SoapBox provides easy to use software and services that allow companies to embrace and accept employee ideas so their voice can be heard. Once that idea gets popular, everyone involved gets notified and big things start to happen!

via @flybitsinc

Personalize your customer experience through Flybits

Get more out of your company with Flybits! This mobile application converts data into business intelligence to deliver personalized customer experiences at the touch of a finger.

Flybits lets companies use all sources of context, such as in-house data, public online data, and sensors from mobile devices. The interface makes it easy to combine context with a company's own content, which leads to relevant unique mobile experiences for customers!

All of these start-ups would not be possible without some pretty magnificent technology. Choosing a career in tech means contributing to the start-up culture! If you’re interested in working in the tech industry, then Toronto is where you need to be.

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