One of the worst things about Instagram is when you're scrolling and you see something amazing so you go to find out where that photo was taken or where that coffee shop is and—it's in Toronto. Or New York. Or somewhere that you're not going to get to for a long, long time. 

You can avoid this disappointment by following Instagrammers who post from right here in BC! By following these social media savvy women, you'll be able to see more of our province and see gorgeous coffee shops, Airbnbs, and mountain tops that are within your reach! With so much going on in our province, it's no wonder that the West Coast Instagram game is strong.

These British Columbian content creators are inspiring us with wanderlust from around the world and around our beautiful province. Whether you want to learn about cool places to go hiking this Spring or just want some local style influencers who wear your favourite BC-born brands like Lululemon and Aritzia, these IGers are seriously worth following!

Here is a list of 30 women from British Columbia who are totally killing it on Instagram:

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Brie // @vancitywild

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Power couple Brie and Reuben capture amazing shots of the perfect day in British Columbia. They hit all the most popular spots like the Sea To Sky Gondola and Tofino, but they also show off amazing hidden gems like cabins you can rent on Galiano Island and view points from Cypress Mountain. This is the top Instagram account to follow if your goal for 2019 is to get outside more.

Sabrina Hunter // @outonmyadventure

@outonmyadventureembedded via  

Follow Sabrina Hunter's rustic outdoor wanderings to bring a breath of fresh air to your Instagram while you're scrolling. What I like about her account is that it's not perfectly staged or polished—she seems like your average BC girl who loves to get out in nature. Follow her for great hiking shots and to find cool waterfalls around the province.

Nicole Hui // @nicolehuui

@nicolehuuiembedded via  

Nicole's Instagram is the best for bright, tropical and punchy colours. You would hardly know that she's actually based in grey and gloomy Vancouver. She does a great job of showing the playful and colourful side of BC! She also shares her extraprovincial travels to places like Hawaii and Bali and proves that whether you're using your passport or not you can still take amazing shots and have a ton of fun!

Rachel Barkman // @rachelbarkman

@rachelbarkmanembedded via  

Rachel's soft and muted Instagram theme is simply gorgeous and makes life in BC look better than ever. Every one of her professional quality shots tells a story. She also often takes photos featuring her big fluffy white dog, Zivah, so if you're an animal-lover then you definitely have to follow this account.

This is the #1 BC account to follow for dreamy magic realism photos! Her self portrait shots are like something from a fantasy or fairytale, and they're mostly set in British Columbia. This account is worth a follow if you want to invite a little everyday magic to your Instagram.

Kourtni Martina // @northkourt

@northkourtembedded via  

We need more IGers from the true north of BC. Kourtni shows off stunning shots of little known provincial parks and corners of the province that will totaly inspire you to drive up to the Alaskan Highway for the 'gram. From helicopter shots of expansive and breathtaking vistas to adorable yet hardcore hiking shots like this one, you have to follow this account if you love BC.

Luana Torres // @pilotluana

@pilotluanaembedded via  

Do you follow many female pilots on Instagram? Luana might be your first and if her Instagram is any indication of the creativity of pilots then I hope they start posting more ASAP. From airborn adventures around the province to outdoor fitness and style, this unique account has it all.

Sakshi Bharwani // @bubbles_hubbles

@bubbles_hubblesembedded via  

Camera-shy Sakshi shows off fun and amazing things to do in our province all from an Iphone camera. Her photos are full of vibrancy and life and give you a good sense of what makes BC so special. You'll find cool shots of Vancouver as well as hiking and camping shots from all over the province.

Hayden Korte-Moore // @haydenkortemoore

@haydenkortemooreembedded via  

This ski bunny from Whistler has an incredible instagram full of mountain, beach and forrest shots from all over. I love her cosy camping and glamourous getaway shots! Her insstagram is kind of like a photo diary and it's neat to catch up on what she's been up to by reading her endearing captions.

Julia Thompson // @juliiathompson

@juliiathompsonembedded via  

If you need more photos of BC girls posing in unbeleivable beautiful places, then this account is definitely worth a follow! It's a great BC lifestyle account that will really inspire you to take more photos the next time you're out on an adventure. She takes lots of photos on her camping trips so this account is great for outdoorsy folks.

Michelle Desjardins // @michelleeed

@michelleeedembedded via  

Michelle captures the changing seasons in BC like no one else. I love her Wintry snowy shots and her orange and red hued autumnal shots! No matter what your mood is, her Instagram will make you feel at once cosy and ready to plan your next adventure.

Mirae Campbell // @miraecampbell

@miraecampbellembedded via  

Serious mountain adventure is heading your way when you follow Mirae! From unreal snowboard shots to portraits with fun effects, this account will hook you with its BC wanderlust vibes

Melissa Merk // @melissamerk

@melissamerkembedded via  

One of the top IGers from the West Coast, Melissa is worth following if you want a healthy does of BC style. From cute shots of her morning coffee and far-flung adventures to makeup and fashion tips, her IG is never boring.  Check out our exclusive intervew with her all about her crazy life as a Youtuber!

Sydney Power // @sydneypower_

@sydneypower_embedded via  

Style, travel and lifestyle—Sydney does it all! I like her cosy shots around her house and her fresh outdoor photos. Her shots are always really fun and I love the light-hearted vibe of her Instagram.

 Alexandra Grant // @tovogueorbust

@tovogueorbustembedded via  

There's no better place to find sophisticated BC style and travel inspo than on Alexandra's account! Her theme is full of blue tones, bright natural light and serious travel goals. If you're building your bucket list for 2019, then you have to follow this BC IGer!

 Alexandra Lee // @leealexandrar

@leealexandrarembedded via  

This account shows off how incredible BC looks an IGer takes a little more of an artistic risk. Alexandra's account is full of soft and expressive portraits and shots of popular destinations in BC redone and reimagined.

 Jamie Thrasher // @starseed_._yoga

@starseed_._yogaembedded via  

The West Coast is basically synonymous with yoga culture. Spirituality, yoga and a laid-back approach to life abound in this Instagram account! I love the dramatic tone of her Instagram and how she blends yoga shots and BC landscapes together in beautiful harmony.

Emma // @exploring.em

@exploring.emembedded via  

This account is perfect if you want to see more athletic and real-life BC snapshots rather than girls in unitards posing perfectly atop a mountain or infront of a waterfall. I love the honesty and authenticity behind these travel shots. Plus, you'll find a few photos of her dogs in there for good measure!

Kaleigh // @kaleighhb

@kaleighhbembedded via  

You'll find plenty of moving and colourful landscape photography on this fun Instagram account! Her account is an intriguing mix of tropical colours blending with the blue-and-green colour scheme of BC.

Elaine // @localwanderer

@localwandererembedded via  

This account is perfect if you have an eye for design and a passion for travel. I love how she includes interior shots of cafes, cabins and more alongside her somehow always floral outdoor shots. If you love BC and following travel accounts, then this is one you simply can't miss out on!

Nikki Riddy // @nikkiriddy

@nikkiriddyembedded via  

This account gives you a glimpse into many parts of the province and often features stunning windswept shots of places that are already on your bucketlist. This warm and cosy account is perfect for you if you love camping or renting Airbnbs and exploring BC.

Zoya Lynch // @zoyalynch

@zoyalynchembedded via  

You'll find high quality mountain adventure posts on this BC Instagram account! I love the mix of black and white photography and intense colours. There's also a blend of photography styles like macro, landscape and portrait that show off all the most dramatic and amazing aspects of the mountains in BC.

Emily Rodsted // @distant.wanderer

@distant.wandererembedded via  

I love the moody and soulful tone of the photos in this account! They never shy away from grey skies and misty vistas in their shots. Follow this account if you want more dreamy BC posts and rich colours while you scroll Instagram. 

 Nova June // @novsie

@novsieembedded via  

This account blends vintage vibes with fun! Follow for a great selection of travel shots from around the province and the world. She also has great style, it's kind of like following a mellow Urban Outfitters account.

Caley Dimmock // @cjdimmock

@cjdimmockembedded via  

Self-described as being located in Vancouver, Halifax and Joshua Tree, you will get a lot of variety in Caley's posts! From the peak of Grouse Mountain to the deserts of California, this account is full of glossy shots of Caley and plenty of travel inspo.

Karin Keller // @coastalkells

@coastalkellsembedded via  

BC has to be one of the best provinces for adventure and travel and that's very apparent when you follow this account. I love shots of Karin because instead of typical Instagram babe poses, she actually smiles and it brings a lot of vibrancy and warmth to her posts! Her shots of camping and exploring all around BC are going to inspire serious wanderlust for you.

Emma Mayes // @emmamayes

@emmamayesembedded via  

This vegan IGer based in Whistler captures the wide variety of fun you can have in BC! From shots of vegan goodies and yoga poses to exploring beaches and waterfalls, this account has it all with a boho vibe.

Ashley // @adventuresofmissashley

@adventuresofmissashleyembedded via  

If you love snowboarding and finding the most instagrammable places to sit in a hot tub amognst the snow, then this account is totally worth following! You'll see a lot of activity in the snow and a little bit of travel thrown in.

Tessa Lindsay Garcia // @tessalindsaygarcia

@tessalindsaygarciaembedded via  

This is one of the best travel and style accounts in BC! Her adorable and inventive outfits are a major source of fashion inspiration, and her jet-setting adventures make planning your own trip even more exciting. Plus, the pops of pastel and rose in her colour scheme really make scrolling through Instagram more fun.

Meghan O'Rourke // @meghanorourkee

@meghanorourkeeembedded via  

You'll find travel inspo from all over the Pacific Northwest here! Her explorations and adventures in BC will make you want to book time off work to go camping ASAP.  I also like the variety that her account has because it's neat to checkout what's near BC and plan a low-key getaway!

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