One of the best ways to solidify a friendship is through travel. Discovering cool places and trying out new experiences is always better when accomplished together.

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Canada presents multiple opportunities for travel with your best friend. Here are 38 life-changing trips to go on in Canada:

British Columbia






New Brunswick

Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island

Newfoundland and Labrador


Northwest Territories


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British Columbia

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A small community on Vancouver Island known for its beautiful hiking trails, ancient rainforest and world-class surfing.

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A bustling metropolis in the Pacific with an extensive art, music and food culture.

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An Victorian-age town brimming with old world charm and gorgeous outdoor parkland gardens.

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A resort town that sits beneath the Rocky Mountains that offers both the comforts of urban living and the thrill of the wild outdoors.

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Home to glacier-fed lakes, luscious forest trails and mountain summits of the Albertan landscape.

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Waterton Lakes

A charming town that sits at the convergence of the Albertan prairies and the Rocky Mountains, with several waterfalls, mountain vistas and trails to explore.

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Narrows Peninsula

A trail that follows the shore of Waskesiu Lake and presents amazing sights along the way, including beautiful fern beds and purple beaches.

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A hub for art galleries, museums and historic sites that are perfect for the art lover.

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Coteau Hills

A rolling grassland that consists of beautiful vista points and otherworldly sandcastles.

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The polar bear capital of the world, which can be explored through a variety of unique tundra safaris and excursions.

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The Forks

A historic site that serves as a local meeting place for shopping, restaurants and entertainment in Winnipeg.

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Riding Mountain

A national park that sits atop the Manitoba Escarpment, providing several opportunities for sightseeing and back country camping.

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Manitoulin Island

A freshwater lake island that consists of surreal lakes, waterfalls and dark sky campsites.

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A harbour village on the Bruce Peninsula known for its astonishing geological sites, such as the Indian Head Cove and the Cyprus Lake Grotto.

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The self-proclaimed centre of the universe, home to world-renowned attractions and over 8,000 restaurants.

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Gaspé Peninsula

A scenic point along the south shore of the St. Lawrence River that offers beautiful valley villages and plenty of whale watching opportunities.

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An inventive city known for its European flair and distinct French-English dynamism.

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Old Québec

A historic neighbourhood that has all the charm of a European villa - Victorian architecture, cobblestone streets and cozy establishments.

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New Brunswick

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Bay of Fundy

Home of the famous Hopewell Rocks, which receives some of the highest tides in the world.

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Grand Manan Island

A perfect destination for those seeking refuge from "tourist traps", offering beaches, hiking trails, bird- and whale-watching just off the Atlantic coast.

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St. Martins

A gateway to the Fundy Trail known especially for its red cliffs, mysterious caves and wildlife watching.

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Nova Scotia

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Cape Breton Highlands

A scenic region consisting of breathtaking hills, river canyons, valleys and the  Cabot trail, the world's most famous drive.

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A major maritime business centre that mixes urban living with seaside culture and lifestyle.

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A UNESCO World Heritage Site with narrow streets and unique architecture preserved from historic eras.

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Prince Edward Island

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A resort area characterized by stunning red sand beaches, museums and outdoor parks.

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A flourishing seaside community that boasts cultural, coastal and culinary excellence.

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North Rustico

A small town known for its picturesque scenery and the world-famous Fisherman's Wharf Lobster Suppers.

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Newfoundland and Labrador

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Fogo Island

A resort town that houses the distinctive Fogo Island Inn, an oasis among cliff footpaths, lush forests and ocean vistas.

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Gros Morne

A national park with some of the most breathtaking landforms in the country, including the Western Brook Pond and the Tablelands. 

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A charming, hospitable northeastern town that serves as one of the best spots for iceberg watching.

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Dawson City

The heart of the Klondike Gold Rush with peculiar fare and an addictingly funky vibe.

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Emerald Lake

A unique sightseeing destination that features unusual turquoise-green colours and towering mountain backdrops.

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Sign Post Forest

A famous landmark along the Alaskan Highway that features trees of signs from all over the world.

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Northwest Territories

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Aurora Village

An Arctic resort that serves as a prime destination for mixing leisure and the Aurora Borealis.

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A national park with some of the most intense geological landforms and natural wonders in the country, from raging waterfalls to intense canyons.

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A city on the shore of Great Slave Lake that perfectly mixes that amenities of an urban centre with the spectacle of northern nature.

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A national park on eastern Baffin Island that offer several extreme  Arctic adventurers for thrill seekers, from ice pick climbing to ice sledding.

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The second-most northerly community in Canada featuring a warm Inuit culture and incredible coastal sights.

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