Canada is known worldwide for its winter activities. You name it, we have it. 

Skiing? Check. Ice skating? Check. Tobogganing? Check. Ice fishing, dog sledding and ice climbing? Check, check and check. We have it all. But while our winter outdoor activities are some of the world's best, there's a problem: Outside is cold.

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Between the horror that is hat hair, salty boots and harsh winds that lash against your soft, sensitive face, it's pretty safe to say that braving the Canadian winter elements is, well, not so enjoyable. So instead of freezing your butt off in the cold this winter, why not try something warmer? Christmas Glow has your answer. 

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With locations in Langley, BC, Edmonton, Alberta and Barrie, Ontario, Christmas Glow is where Canadians can celebrate the warmth of the season in a massive, dry indoor greenhouse that houses all the festive activities you could ever dream of. Its light features, where guests can wander through a maze of over half a million lights and illuminated structures, is Glow's main attraction. But this year, the indoor festival is putting forth so much more. 

Here are nine things you don't want to miss out on at Glow:

Weave In and Out of the Interactive Hanging Lights

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Didn't make it to Yayoi Kasuma's Infinity Mirrors when it hit Canada? Don't worry! Glow has thousands of interactive twinkling lights that will make your Instagram shine. They also change colour -- the perfect backdrop for your seasonal photos.

Stroll Through Illuminated Landmarks in the Light Gardens

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In Barrie and Langley, guests can enjoy a phenomenal set of lights called "Glow Around the World". The brand-new theme allows you to get lost in the illuminated structures of the world's most famous landmarks from six different countries, with the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben all making an appearance. And, tip: although the Edmonton location doesn't have this, their super twinkly and gorgeous Santa's Lost Presents attraction is literally just as magical!

Pose for Photos on LED Swings

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Grab your friends and your best outfits: You do not want to miss out on this photo op this holiday season. All three of Glow's locations have LED swings to give you the best Christmas Instagram shots. Just tap to change the colour!

Drink out of a Festive Light Bulb

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They look good, they taste good, and they make an even better Instagram shot! All that walking will no doubt make you thirsty, so enjoy your favourite holiday beverage in one of Glow's souvenir cups on your visit - and yep, you can totally take them home afterwards!

Eat and Drink Underneath Millions of Twinkling Lights

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Wander around Glow's light gardens with a fresh, cold beer in one hand (they have a licenced bar!) and a bowl of gourmet macaroni and cheese in the other. Make a date night out of it or invite your friends for a mid-week get-together. 

Musical Light Tunnel

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Get your cameras ready: This phenomenal light tunnel not only looks incredible, it sounds incredible, too. In Edmonton, guests can stroll or dance under 50,000 lights as the tunnel plays classic Christmas tunes.

Cozy Up with Your Date in a Sparkling Horse Drawn Carriage

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Where were you planning to take your partner on your next date? Let us guess. Was it the movies? A restaurant? To your apartment for some Netflix and chill? We'll give you a better idea: Take them for a stroll amongst a million twinkling lights and end the night with a cuddle in an illuminated horse-drawn carriage. Now, that sounds a lot better, doesn't it?

Shop Local Artisans and Vendors

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Is your tree looking a little bare this year? Do you need more ornaments? Some tinsel to give your home some extra holiday joy? Be sure to stop off at Glow's jam-packed Christmas Market, where guests can browse holiday treats, purchase Xmas gifts or spoil themselves with a few festive souvenirs. The Christmas Market offers up unique gift ideas for loved ones and highlights the cream of the crop of local artisans!

Be Entertained By Festive Performances

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Did you know that you could watch tons of different shows while you're at Glow? Local bands perform a wide array of musical genres, like contemporary, rock, jazz, acoustic and blues - all with a festive theme! You can also witness music schools and choirs perform on stage, too!

Whether you're in Langley, Edmonton or Barrie, don't miss out on visiting one of the coolest (and brightest) holiday festivals of the season!

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Not only is Glow full of awesome and fun things to do - like exploring the gardens, swinging by the Christmas market, eating some awesome food, drinking some festive cocktails, listening to amazing live music and of course admiring all the lighted displays - but it's also held indoors. Which means you get to keep warm and dry while basking in the glow (hah!) of Christmastime! (Plus, helpful hint, there's even free parking!).

Visit Glow's website to buy tickets, and check out their Facebook page and Instagram to find out more!


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