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The tech industry is absolutely blowing up and it has been ever since the world was introduced to Facebook. From social media that connects us to our besties from all over the world, to cool gadgets that make our lives a lot simpler (did you know that there's a robot that folds your laundry for you?), tech is truly conquering the world!

Now... if you thought all the tech talent belonged in California, think again. While Waterloo is famous for it's Octoberfest parties (which are world-class), it's also the Canadian destination for tech startups and innovation. Seriously, it's called the Silicon Valley North and as Torontonians, we're quite envious.

But what exactly makes Waterloo the best place for tech?

1. The "Next Big Thing" is in Waterloo

If you want to get the attention of the sexiest tech companies, your best bet is to be spotted in Waterloo. Last year, a couple of lucky startups were invited to show off at SXSW, which is the North American showdown of the latest and greatest technology (and film and music and anything else cool).

2. So. Many. Startups.

Waterloo has the highest startup density outside of Silicon Valley itself. In other words, there are more startups in Waterloo than Starbucks in Toronto. It's a swarm of hoodies, Macbooks and great ideas

3. The offices are decked out so you can get those creative juices flowing

If you work in Waterloo tech, chances are you can ditch your cubicle. People who work in tech know how important it is to have a modern, organizational culture in order to stimulate creativity, which is why their offices are usually the opposite of a cubicle. 

4. Companies are actively looking for students from UWaterloo

Every year, hundreds of UWaterloo students are employed for co-ops from some of the leading names in tech. Take Blackberry for example. Each year, the company recruits students who eventually end up scoring a sick gig full time. Blackberry has also donated A LOT to the school so that the future generation of Mark Zuckerbergs can be fully equipped to succeed in the tech world. It could be you next?

5. There are like minded GENIUSES everywhere

The most innovative tech companies don’t win by waiting around for good ideas. They hire the smartest problem-solvers, so count on your co-workers to be very, very smart people if you work in Waterloo.

6. Waterloo is home to TECHTOBERFEST!

Waterloo is known across the globe for its Oktoberfest parties. Take it one step further and combine beer with hacker culture, and you get Techtoberfest, which is probably the best party of the year. So what exactly is Techtoberfest? Well, it's the two-day event dedicated to startups and investors with some AMAZING high-profile speakers like Lady Gaga's old manager, Troy Carter. It's also a great opportunity to connect.  You never know who you'll find in the crowd... perhaps an investor looking for the next best thing to spend his money on?

7. It's casual Friday all week

Not a suit in site. Even the companies you think would be stuffy suit-wearers ditch their uniforms to work in Waterloo.

8. The coffee in Waterloo is plentiful

One does not simply become the next Mark Zuckerberg without very, very good coffee. Waterloo is filled with gorgeous little cafes that caffeinate the tech talent day in, day out. I mean, how else are you supposed to work on all your other tech projects? Caffeine is what will keep you going!

Convinced Waterloo is where you’ll become the next Mark Zuckerberg? We are too. So, who’s ready to ditch the boring corporate life and start a career in tech? Trust us, you won’t ever have to wear a suit to work.

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