A new year is a great time to reevaluate your life and make adjustments to the things you like and dislike. For instance, who you follow on social media!

I don't know about you, but sometimes I'll be scrolling through my Instagram and ask myself 'Peter, why on earth are you still following this person?'. To me, I view social media as an integral part of my life. Why? Because so much of my time consists of connecting with friends on it, following people that I consider inspiring and using it as a tool to even test out new recipes that I discover.

As such, I don't like being bogged down by those that I feel add nothing to who I am or what I'm interested in.

With all this in mind, I wanted to provide you with a list of incredible women who are absolutely slaying the Instagram game right now. These are women that post amazing content and will leave you motivated to be your best-self in 2019.

See below for 21 ladies I hope will inspire you to make 2019 the best year of your life and to be motivated to live a healthy lifestyle:

Sasha Exeter // @sashaexter

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Sasha is not only a fitness guru but also a mother! She is one of my favourite women on Instagram because she's living proof that no matter how busy you are you can choose to live a healthy lifestyle. Not to mention her style is on point. 

Elinor & Sarah // @sweatinthesix

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Elinor & Sarah from Toronto are huge fans of living a healthy lifestyle and keeping active. You can often find them checking out a barre class or working out. One thing that really sticks out to me about their content is how positive it is. They often share inspiring messages in their caption to keep you motivated throughout your day. 

Eva Redpath // @evaredpath

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Eva Redpath is a well-known fitness personality in the Toronto area! Not only is she a wellness leader, but also a life coach! A lot of her content highlights some of her favourite nutritional products...and also her dance moved that can be seen above!

Emma Troupe // @missemmatroupe

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Emma Troupe is a fitness queen from Oakville, Ontario. Through her content creation, she has built an impressive audience of over 180,000! She is a holistic nutritionist who spends a lot of her time lifting weights, working on her abs, and sharing with her followers her ah-mazing breakfast bowls. 

Karina Vee // @karinaveee

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Karina keeps busy as a yoga teacher, boxing coach, and founding trainer of Barry's Canada! Karina uses her channel as a way to inspire her followers to stay active. In addition, she also shared delicious recipes on her feed such as flourless chocolate chip muffins - yas! Lastly, I just had to mention that she has the most adorable apple head chihuahua EVER. 

Cassie Day // @cassiedayyy

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Cassie Day is a fitness coach and holistic nutritionist from Toronto! In addition, she is the founder of All Day Fit, which is a personal training company. On her profile, she describes herself as someone who loves to teach humans to eat, train and love their bodies. What's better than that!

Kate // @k.christinee

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Katie is a self-love and body-positive influencer from London, Ontario. She uses her Instagram channel as a safe space for women of all shapes and sizes to embrace who they are and love their bodies. In her captions, she often writes emotional messages to her followers to motivate them to overcome the negativity that can sometimes flood our lives. 

Beverley Cheng // @beverleycheng

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Beverley is a health & fitness influencer from Toronto, Ontario. On her Instagram, she proclaims that she is 'born to sweat' and often uses her feed to show off the amazing workouts she does! In addition, Beverley is a pescetarian!

Lara Marquez // @lara.marq.fit

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Lara is a fitness influencer from Toronto, Ontario who also happens to be a boxer! Lara shares inspirational captions to inspire her followers to also pursue their passions. Also, Lara is a mother of two! I may add that she seems like the fittest mother of two I've ever seen!

Caleigh // @caleighfit

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Caleigh is the founder of BOLO which is a body love fitness studio that features boxing classes; also a cafe and smoothie bar for after you're done! She often uses her Instagram to share inspiration with her followers! 

Sydney & Kaitlyn // @yoga_twins

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Sydney and Kaitlyn are yoga and lifestyle influencers from Toronto, Ontario. These two besties have garnered up a following of over 13,000 fans who love to keep up with all of their amazing content. From duo yoga poses to sharing amazing vegetarian meals, you really can't go wrong with following these ladies!

Jennifer Lau // @itsjenniferlau

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Jennifer is a holistic nutritionist (I'm noticing a trend here) from Toronto, Ontario! She is the Principal at Fit Squad training and spends a lot of her time travelling the world. Something unique about Jennifer? She was recently part of the Nike Canada campaign and her poster could be seen on different posters around different TTC stops!

Samantha Lynch // @mzsamanthalynch

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Samantha Lynch is a Toronto-based model and fitness instructor! From gymnastics to boxing, you can follow along on her Instagram to see everything that keeps her busy. Oh, and on top of slaying Instagram, Samantha also has a YouTube channel where she posts tons of vlogs!

Kelsey Rose // @thekelseyrose_ 

@thekelseyrose_embedded via  

Kelsey Rose is a fitness influencer from Toronto, Ontario. One thing I really love about Kelsey is she prides herself on being a Healthy Lifestyle ACTIVist and uses her channel as a way to educate her followers on how they can live a healthier life! Kelsey can be seen posting about various topics such as food to her workout routine.

LaToya // @latoyaforever

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LaToya is a lifestyle, fashion and fitness influencer from Toronto, Ontario! On top of all of those things, she is also a mother of two! She has posted on her channel about 'at-home fitness and health routines' that I have found very useful! As someone who is often always on the go, I found using routines like this as a great way to take care of myself. Fun fact: Paris Hilton follows LaToya, too!

Kenzie Forbes // @kenziefitness_ 

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Kenzie Forbes is a Toronto-based lifestyle and fitness influencer who uses her channel as a way to provide tutorial videos for different parts of the body you're looking to work on. On top of that, she is also a vegan! Kenzie also has a second channel that is much more lifestyle-focused. I'd highly suggest you follow both!

Mia Mazin // @therealmiamazin

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Mia is a strength coach from Toronto, Ontario who specializes in powerlifting! Her content ranges from fitness to nutrition and also provides her followers with motivational posts as well! One thing that really sticks out about Mia too is that she is part of Femme Fatale Friday workout events for women across the city!

Carlie // @cardusome

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Carlie is a certified personal trainer and motivational coach from Toronto, Ontario! She has used her channel as a platform to discuss mental health & healing, while also sharing great content in relation to living a healthy and more active lifestyle. Not to mention, she has the most adorable dog!

Tee // @msfitbytee

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MsFitByTee, A.K.A: AbQueen, is a Toronto-based personal and online trainer! She posts a lot of content in relation to her own fitness routine that you can then apply to your own life to get you abs like her! In addition to her amazing workouts, she also lived plant-based! Love it!

Mackenzie White // @themacwhite

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Mackenzie White is a certified yoga instructor and personal trainer from the6ix! In addition to her career in fitness, she is also a model! She has appeared on several different news stations such as City Line and The Shopping Channel. Mackenzie is also a fan of travelling, so if you decide to follow her you'll definitely catch the travel bug!

Carmy // @runcarmyrun

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Carmy is a Toronto based lifestyle and fitness influencer! If her name doesn't give it away...then know she loves to run! What I love about Carmy's content is that it's the perfect blend of fitness and food (my fave). Not only does she highlight her joy of running, but also some of her favourite places to check out or healthy meals she enjoys cooking. Not to mention, Carmy's down-to-earth personality will leave you wanting to be her friend!

In closing, I wanted to share these 21 women with you as a reminder that anything is possible. To know that there is someone out there just like you pursuing their dreams. Also, we live in a time when a lot of media is focused on negativity and hate. I hope this article serves as a reminder to celebrate people and what they've accomplished. Feel free to share with your friends and don't forget to follow these ladies! 


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