Let's be serious for a minute here... coding is sick and knowing the fundamentals of coding is a powerful skill to add to your digital toolkit and help you impress your boss (finally!). However, learning to code can seem intimidating at first, especially when you have no previous experience. 

If designing a website has always been an ambition for you, then you'll be happy to know that there's an actual place that will help remove the anxieties of learning the basics of coding and make it a fun and achievable project. 

Lighthouse Labs has just launched a new Front-end Fundamentals with Javascript course which is an evening course that aims to advance digital skills for those who are in careers where a bit of coding knowledge could go a long way towards that next promotion. Marketers, designers, customer support teams, business analysts and many more professions are finding themselves looking at lines of code and trying to figure out what the heck it all means and wondering how to fine-tune their digital tools to work better.

The Front End Fundamentals course is intended for beginners and is taught in an easygoing and fun environment.  The course is held after work, twice a week for six weeks, where you'll get the benefits of hands-on training and leave with tools to help you code easily. Basically, you'll be designing and navigating your own website in no time!

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In those six weeks, you'll learn integral internet tools and the primary building blocks of web pages like HTML, CSS, and coding languages like JavaScript and jQuery libraries to create a rich web page experience. The Lighthouse Labs team of mentors believes in learning by doing, so the course will equip you with serious hands-on knowledge and projects.

And although their new course is only available in Toronto and Vancouver in January, you can rest easy knowing that the course will be coming soon to Calgary, Victoria and Montreal in March.

So what is Lighthouse Labs exactly? A vibrant campus that sets you up for success with skills in coding, Lighthouse labs is a learning environment that provides full-time and part-time coding programs, so it's a one stop shop for a digital tune-up.

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Lighthouse Labs aims to take you from a coding and digital hobbyist to an all-star professional.Their full-time and part-time courses help those in the workforce or those wanting to start a career as a developer gain the coding knowledge needed to accelerate careers.

Lighthouse Labs is all about collaboration too. Getting hands-on learning from a team of mentors is vital so you can feel empowered and supported to truly dig in and understand the fundamentals of why you're doing what you're doing.

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If getting into tech and becoming a developer is a growing passion for you, Lighthouse Labs also offers full-time web development and iOS-development boot-camps to kickstart your career. They have some pretty impressive outcomes on that front with 96% of their grads finding full-time employment within 4 months of graduation!

And in case you needed a little more convincing, get this. Lighthouse Labs is serious about sharing their love for coding. Not only do they have a bunch of free online courses, they also have a series of free learn-to-code events to help kickstart coding in communities across Canada. Check out the events in your area.

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Ready to upgrade your digital career? Sign up for the course. Learn more about Lighthouse Labs and check out their website, Facebook and Instagram.

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