Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to be young and have tons of money? Several Canadians are living out that very fantasy, and they're all either at or still under the tender age of 30. Many of them take to their Instagram accounts to document their luxurious lifestyles that consist of beautiful mansions, exotic cars, and sometimes even private jets.

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Take a look inside the lives of the rich and the famous. Here are Canada's Rich Kids of Instagram:

Blair Bitove


@blairbitoveembedded via  

Blair Bitove is the daughter of John Bitove, the founder of Sirius XM Canada. She recently graduated from the University of Southern California and currently lives in Chicago where she runs a self-made blog called The Blair Necessities.

From: Toronto

Age: 23

Heir to: John Bitove, Founder of Sirius XM Canada

Occupation: Blogger

Cary Tauben


@carytaubenembedded via  

Cary Tauben is the fashion stylist to many high profile models and celebrities. Born and raised in Montreal, he started his career at the age of 20 and has moved up in the industry since.

From: Montreal

Age: 22

Occupation: Fashion stylist

Chloe Rogers


@chlorogersembedded via  

Chloe Rogers is the daughter of Edward Rogers, who is currently the Deputy Chair of Rogers Communications. Her family's fortune is worth a whopping $7.6 billion, which is the fourth most profitable in the country. She's living the ultimate teen dream as a model and has worked in several countries.

From: Toronto

Age: 18

Heir to: Edward Rogers, Deputy Chair of Rogers Communications

Occupation: Model

Jenna Naumovich


@jennabitovenaumovichembedded via  

Jenna Naumovich is a familiar name in the Canadian fashion industry. She works as a stylist at The Room, an exclusive branch of the Hudson Bay Company, and is a member of the Bitove family.

From: Toronto

Age: 30

Heir to: Vonna Bitove, executive director of the Bitove Foundation

Occupation: Personal shopper and stylist

Jacky Changzhou


@m__jackyembedded via  

Jacky Changzhaou is an influencer based out of Vancouver. His Instagram posts feature all sorts of insane luxury items, including his collection of exotic cars and one-of-a-kind sneakers.

From: Vancouver

Age: 21

Occupation: Car enthusiast

John James Wilson


@mrjohnjameswembedded via  

John James Wilson is the co-founder of Kit and Ace, an up-and-coming clothing brand and retailer. A graduate of Ryerson University, Wilson used his business savvy to grow his company alongside his stepmother Shannon.

From: Montreal

Age: 28

Occupation: Co-founder of Kit and Ace

Jyoti Matharoo


@jyotimatharooembedded via  

Jyoti Matharoo is a popular blogger who showcases her luxurious lifestyle and travels on her Instagram account. She and her sister recently came under fire as they were being investigated over allegations that they tried to blackmail rich men in Nigeria.

From: Toronto

Age: 30

Occupation: Blogger

Kiran Matharoo


@kiran_matharooembedded via  

Kiran Matharoo, like her sister Jyoti Matharoo, is also a popular online figure with over 30 K followers on Instagram. Both of them have been coined the "Canadian Kardashians" by publications like the Toronto Sun.

From: Toronto

Age: 30

Occupation: Blogger

Milad Sahafzadeh


@miladsahafzadehembedded via  

Milad Sahafzadeh is an entrepreneur with several businesses under his belt. His most notable one is DULCEDO Management, a booming modelling agency that handles some of Canada's most influential faces. He hopes to expand his business to Miami within the next five years.

From: Montreal

Age: 27

Occupation: President at DULCEDO Management (modelling agency)

Natalie Halcro


@nataliehalcroembedded via  

Natalie Halcro is a model and reality television personality that has done commercials for several name brands, including Nissan, Mazda and Old Navy. She has a massive Instagram following of 2.5 million followers and also runs a blog with her cousin Olivia Pierson.

From: Langley (BC)

Age: 29

Occupation: Model

Oksana Rykova


@oksana_rykovaembedded via  

Oksana Rykova is a fitness model and social media celebrity who first gained nationwide attention for posting pictures of her incredible body on Instagram. She eventually started her own online fitness website where she reveals her secrets to a great bod and healthy life.

From: Montreal

Age: 28

Occupation: Fitness model

Oliver Primeau


@olivierprimeaubcembedded via  

From: Montreal

Age: 30

Occupation: Owner of Beachclub

Oliver Primeau is often coined as Quebec's king of parties. He and his brother Julien own the legendary Beachclub in Montreal, which has seen high-profile celebrities like Kylie Jenner in the past years. His family was a big factor in helping his business get off the ground - his father initially funded it, and he and his brother eventually grew it to what it is now.

Olivia Pierson


@oliviapiersonembedded via  

Olivia Pierson is a blogger and media personality most known for her appearance in the E! TV show WAGS. Her Instagram has over 1.6 million followers and she also runs a successful YouTube channel with her cousin Natalie Halcro.

From: Vancouver

Age: 27

Occupation: Blogger and businesswoman

Tessa Thomson


@tessathomsonembedded via  

Tessa Thomson is the daughter of David Thomson, the Chairman of Thomson Reuters. Her father's business is worth a whopping $39 billion, making them Canada's richest family. She currently studies at the University of Miami in South Beach and has almost 3,000 followers on Instagram.

From: Toronto

Age: 22

Heir to: David Thomson, Chairman of Thomson Reuters

Occupation: Student

Frank Walker


@frankwalkermusicembedded via  

Frank Walker is the son of Donald Walker, the CEO of Magna International, which is worth $22.5 billion. He's currently pursuing his passion of music as a DJ and producer and has played huge stages in several countries around the world.  

From: Toronto

Age: 23

Heir to: Donald Walker, CEO of Magna International

Occupation: DJ 

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