I'm gonna say it: our generation has witnessed (and contributed to) the deterioration of this glorious, once-thriving planet in careless ways. From the ozone hole and global warming to obliterated wetlands and rising global sea levels, we're watching the Earth crumble before our very eyes.

On the flip side, though, we've also been instrumental in the rise of awareness regarding environmental issues, and we're constantly promoting different initiatives to help our planet thrive once more.

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Think about it: veganism, minimalism, zero-waste living, clean and cruelty-free cosmetics - it's obvious that the majority of us are deeply concerned about the environment; we sure as hell aren't seeking to accelerate its decline nor worsen the suffering of living creatures. 

Another big player who cares immensely about our planet and hopes to free it from this catastrophic state and see it flourish? SodaStream, the number one sparkling-water brand worldwide. And it's doing everything in its power to spread the word about the importance of reducing overall plastic consumption.

Released on November 13th, SodaStream's MAJORLY impactful video campaign is closing in on 20M views. It depicts the frightening reality of our negligent consumption of single use plastic (bottles, cups, straws, cutlery, and bags). It pits blatant corporate disregard for preserving Mother Nature against our growing urge and need to change our thoughtless lifestyle habits. The ad's intent? Refocusing our minds and shifting our priorities to help save the planet before this ordeal becomes irreversible.

Seagulls coughing up bottle caps, seals popping out of plastic-ridden mountains, penguins bound at the neck by six-pack rings... It's just plain sad - and it SERIOUSLY hits home. Something spectacular ensues: a meaningful and musical call to action, if you will.

A singing sea turtle, voiced by none other than Sir Rod Stewart, splashes onto the scene of this eerily not-so-distant horror. Trapped with a plastic-bottle cufflink, the tousle-haired, endangered reptile is held by the current World's Strongest Man, Hafthor "The Mountain" Bjornsson. Rod's feisty, planet-loving character has an urgent message to share: we've GOT to own up to our shit and change our insanely wasteful ways to remedy this dire situation we've caused. And that change starts with simple steps like replacing single use plastic bottles with SodaStream's bubble making machines and reusable bottles.

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It's mind-blowing to know that one reusable SodaStream bottle can save up to 2,000 plastic bottles yearly. Not to mention, you can add your favourite flavours and turn tap water into fizzy goodness. It's time we all stop saying we're concerned about the Earth, and instead TAKE ACTION to help it prosper again! Like, a World 2.0, that's what we're aiming for - f*ck yeah!

And, come on, what's easier than making the switch to SodaStream instead of squandering your hard-earned coins on world-polluting single use plastic bottles? Over the past year alone, Canadian SodaStream users replaced up to a jaw-dropping 164M disposable bottles and cans (FACT: that measures over 33,000 km from cap to bottom!)

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Be sure to visit SodaStream's website, launched simultaneously with this bold video campaign, to learn how you can contribute to the fight against single use plastic and commit yourself to this awesome cause.

By switching to SodaStream and tweaking your daily habits to be more aligned with your desire to help the Earth, you're partaking in an incredible global effort. 

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Keep up with SodaStream's inspiring ecological initiative by checking out its website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.

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