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Millennials are currently killing it in the jobs game – especially when it comes to the tech industry. Never before has a generation grown up as plugged-in and hardwired as us, and because of it, we have an unbeatable set of skills that makes us very desirable to employers looking to up their technological game.

Not even a decade ago, something as common as touchscreen technology was pretty much kept solely in the realms of sci-fi movies, but now, along with thousands of other emerging technologies, they're vital to making our daily lives easier, faster, and better connected - and new advancements are taking place every day.

Sure, we're still ways away from having bacon-making robots prepare our breakfasts, but technology is flourishing in many vital industries, and the financial world is no exception.

With billions of dollars changing hands in split-second online transactions every single day in North America, banks have to keep pace and move just as fast. They have to constantly be on the bleeding edge – making our banking experiences faster, safer, and easier than ever before. It’s these customer-focused solutions, happening both in the foreground and background, that make daily financial tasks simpler and more accessible to everyone. Now you're invited to be part of the movement.

TD is currently looking for young tech experts who can not only keep up with advancements in technology, but step it up a gear, seeking out and testing solutions to both traditional and new challenges, and ultimately changing the future of banking in Canada.

Working for TD Technology Solutionsyou would spend your days collaborating with peers on projects, sharing and developing ideas, and busting whatever problems - both as an employee and a banking customer - stand in your way. Not only exploring and understanding emerging technologies but being the brains behind innovative new technologies too.

As Millennials, this is second nature to us. We are great at finding ways of making our lives easier (there's an app for pretty much everything these days), but we aren’t lazy - we just work smart, not hard, by finding solid shortcuts through collaboration and on-the-spot thinking to get us to where we want to be. Plus, we can multitask like a BOSS – who wouldn’t want to hire that?

The non-traditional, start-up environment found in the TD Lab thrives on this mentality - essentially a petri dish for creative technological solutions. You'd work with like-minded peers, where everyone’s ideas are not only heard but taken seriously – think how crazy contactless payment would have sounded just a few years ago – and quickly developed, ready for release to the world.

Tech grads with as little as one year of experience are encouraged to apply modern tech is so fast-moving, that a positive attitude,  big energy, and an intuitive approach to learning and development, are what will help you stand out from the crowd, as a bonus on top of your experience and practical knowledge.

Not only will you be working on projects new to TD, but you’d be developing solutions that are brand new to the tech industry in general, working on research that could change the operations of any number of industries beyond banking and finance.

Ready to change the banking scene in Canada? You can find a full list of available technology careers at TD here or read about the investment in technology at TD on their website. Otherwise, keep up with the latest developments over on their Twitter or Facebook pages.

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