Perpetuating stereotypes is usually not encouraged, and it's not like Canada is constantly snowed in with overly apologetic Tim Horton's enthusiasts who are WAY TOO in touch with nature, e.g. having a pet moose.

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We do have a way of life with unique idiosyncrasies that even we don't mind poking fun at, and the following posts that have graced the internet over the years are pretty much proof of that.

"This is so Canadian, it hurts!" (xpost from r/gifs) from canada

This is so Canadian from vancouver

Canadian news in a nutshell (CBC) from canada

A truely majestic moment, The brith of a Canadian from funny

Canadian for "stop rid'n my ass" from funny

Someone spilled coffee in Canada from funny

Canadians first trip to Florida from funny

Canadian Growth Chart from funny

Canadian citizenship test from funny

How Canadians spend their free time 😊 from funny

Molson Canadian's truly Canadian ad from funny

So much Canadian in this sign. from pics

Canadian kids fighting over a puck (x-post from r/hockey) from funny

Canadian at the Kansas City ALCS game from funny
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