For pretty much everyone in the country, fall is a glorious season. Canada is a beautiful country, with so much to explore and it's only natural that when fall hits, Canada pretty much turns technicolor.

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It's also common knowledge that the best way to see the fall foliage is on four wheels, road trip style, giving you the freedom and flexibility to find new roads as you go. 

Of course, picking the right car for you is also key to make sure you have the right space, technology, and features that'll make your trip unforgettable. For example, the 2018 Chevrolet Traverse can fit all your stuff, all your friends and has a seriously sleek new design. Add in 4G LTE Wi-Fi and top-of-the-line safety features? Yeah, that's pretty much the perfect way to explore Canada!

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Even though everyone has their own favourite spots to peep the pretty fall foliage, trust, Canada is a super huge country. These spots are just some of the best to hit the open road for your own Canadian adventure (and cross a few spots off your bucket list while you're at it!)

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These gorgeous Canadian landscapes are all prime locations to go to see fall in all its beautiful splendour. And, hey, even if they're not all that close to you, nothing's stopping you from hopping into a car and going on the most breathtaking road trip adventure ever!

Gros Morne

Where: Newfoundland and Labrador

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Why you should go: If you've ever wanted to discover Newfoundland, then chances are you already know all about Gros Morne. This beautiful National Park is home to tons of landmarks and sights, like the Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse museum and the famous Woody Point lookout trail.

And although there's never a bad time to discover this Canadian landmark, the fall time, in particular, is super magical! The park turns gorgeous fall colours, giving you something incredibly beautiful to admire while you're discovering one of the country's greatest spots

Cape Breton Highlands

Where: Nova Scotia

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Why you should go: Nova Scotia is THE province you need to check out if autumn is your whole entire life. Treetops come alive with colour; the skies are gorgeous; the air is crackling with fall vibes... legit, it's an actual fall paradise.

Cape Breton Highlands National Park is particularly gorgeous during the fall. This park is located in Cape Breton Island, which also happens to be home to the Cabot Trail - AKA one of Nova Scotia's, and Canada's, most beautiful scenic highways. It's got ocean views and mountain views... and of course, prime views of that sweet fall foliage.

So if you're road tripping anywhere near Nova Scotia, you know exactly what route you need to take.

Bay Of Fundy

Where: New Brunswick & Nova Scotia

Why you should go: The Bay Of Fundy, located in-between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, is the perfect spot to go not just during the autumn, but basically any time!

The beaches and archipelagos are super easy to get to by car, so it's a more than perfect roadtrip destination. But other than sightseeing some incredibly gorgeous sights, the Bay Of Fundy is perfect for hiking, eating fresh lobster, and camping. So make sure your car has enough space to accommodate a bunch of equipment because if you're going to the Bay Of Fundy, you're going there for one serious adventure!

Confederation Trail

Where: PEI

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Why you should go: It's kind of a known fact that the Maritimes are THE place to be once the fall colours start peeking out - and since you can't get more Maritime than PEI, you know where you gotta go. 

The contrast of gorgeous, colourful foliage is particularly beautiful against the backdrop of PEI's beaches, and while the whole province is basically perfect in autumn, adventuring through its famous Confederation Trail (which spans from one tip of the island to the other, through towns, villages, and cities) is the best way to get to see the foliage. 


Where: Quebec

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Why you should go: It's a little hard to narrow down one (or even a few!) spots in Quebec as being more gorgeous than the others when fall strikes, because the truth is that most of the province - and especially the Laurentian area - comes alive during this time.

However, Mont Tremblant deserves a special shoutout. With a resort-town and a gorgeous mountain in the middle of all the action (which features a gondola ride you can take during the fall to really experience the beautiful colours!), there's no shortage of spots to eat, shop, and generally enjoy here.


Where: Ontario

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Why you should go: A short drive from Toronto, Muskoka has the double-whammy awesome factor of being (relatively) close to a metropolitan area and looking like Mother Nature herself came down and graced the land with her own personal beauty. 

Plus, it doesn't hurt that Muskoka is chock full of super fun things to do and experience - like boat cruises, zip lining, spas, and art galleries!

Robertson Cliffs

Where: Ontario

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Why you need to go: Love taking a long, rewarding hike during the summer? Sure. Everyone does! But have you ever taken a long, rewarding hike during the fall time? Well, if you haven't, stop what you're doing, hop in your car, and get yourself to Northern Ontario's Robertson Cliffs.

Not only are this spot's glorious, rocky cliffs perfect for hiking, but the view it offers at the top is second to none. Imagine reaching the top of a cliff... and seeing nothing but the Canadian landscape below bathed in bright, fall colours. Breathtaking. And if you need to find a new road? Well, if your car is Wi-Fi enabled, then you've got absolutely nothing to worry about!

Birds Hill Provincial Park

Where: Manitoba

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Why you should go: Seriously, how good does "taking a chill bike ride through an autumn paradise" sound to you? Because it sounds pretty great to... well, everyone if we're being honest here.

And at Birds Hill Provincial Park in Manitoba, that's exactly one of the many super fun activities you'll get to do. This provincial park has got biking trails, hiking trails and even horseback riding (!)... which pretty much means, fall time paradise, here you come! PS: Cars with room for friends AND bikes are super key! 

Prince Albert National Park

Where: Saskatchewan

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Why you should go: Ah, Saskatchewan. What is there to say about this Prairie province that hasn't already been said before? Truly, Saskatchewan just might be a marvel among provinces. A hidden gem in the glittering jewellery box that is Canada. 

And one of the best times to get to discover this gorgeous Canadian province? Autumn, of course! Saskatchewan's landscape comes alive during the fall, and there's no better spot to see the treetops change colour (and maybe to go for a little Canadian camping adventure!) than Saskatchewan's own Prince Albert National Park!

Elk Island National Park

Where: Alberta

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Why you should go: Alberta legit takes the cake when it comes to beautiful fall colours. But one place, in particular, is known not only for its beautiful fall views but also for its wildlife: Elk Island National Park.

A refuge for bison and every wildlife lover's dream come true, Elk Island National park is not only an awesome place to admire animals and fall foliage alike - you can also feed your adventurous side by going hiking, birdwatching, paddling on Astotin Lake and a whole lot more!


Where: British Columbia

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Why you should go: Although Vancouver, Victoria, Tofino... and pretty much all the cities of British Columbia are gorgeous, there's one kind of hidden spot that takes the cake when it comes to beautiful fall foliage.

Kaslo, BC, is more immersed in nature than some of its counterparts, it really pops during the fall. Situated on the shore of BC's Kootenay Lake, Kaslo's got fun things to do and see - like kayaking and waterfall sightseeing. Plus, trust, when fall time hits, there's probably nowhere else in the province you'd rather be exploring!

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But let's be honest: hopping in a car and preparing for a great Canadian adventure is awesome, no matter where - or what time of the year - you go. Whether it's to see some beautiful fall colours, or just discover a brand new, fun area of our beautiful country, there's always a good reason to do a little exploring

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For more information on how you can explore Canada in the 2018 Chevrolet Traverse, check out Chevrolet Canada's website, Instagram and Facebook page! 

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