The Northern Lights are one of the world's most fascinating natural phenomena. Canada's northerly position is ideal for getting as close to the action as possible, with the light show being visible across the entire country on some occasions.

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Stargazing enthusiasts will appreciate this handy interactive map by Canadian Geographic that charts the best places to catch the Northern Lights during the solar maximum. Below is a list of all the places they've featured:

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British Columbia

Muncho Lake Provincial Park

  • Located along the Alaska Highway crossing into northern BC
  • Lights reflect off of Muncho Lake at the Northern Rockies Lodge

Dawson Creek

  • Located far from the city, enroute to the Alaska Highway, away from the cloudy weather on the coast
  • Perfect for spending a night under the Northern Lights

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Fort McMurray

  • Located on the 56th parallel, which is under the aurora zone
  • Several light tourist operators available


  • Home to 18 stations in North America dedicated to studying the Northern Lights
  • The countryside offers the clearest skies for viewing


  • Despite being an urban centre, the Northern Lights sometimes make an appearance above the city's skyscrapers
  • The night sky must be clear for the Northern Lights to be visible


Air Ronge

  • The Paws and Paddles Wilderness Tours company offers dogsledding tours for the Northern Lights
  • The northeastern town of Melfort has also been dubbed "The City of the Northern Lights"

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  • A town that sits under the auroral zone and witnesses more than 300 nights of the Northern Lights each year

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Lake Superior

  • The northern shore of Lake Superior (in the town of Silver Islet) has dark skies that provide a perfect backdrop for Northern Lights viewing

Manitoulin Island

  • The Northern Lights reflect off of the water of Lake Huron

Torrance Barrens

  • A designated dark sky preserve with night skies devoid of pollution and full of geomagnetic forces

Moose Factory

  • The Cree Village Ecolodge sits on Moose River and receives beautiful displays of the Northern Lights at night time



  • Located in the northern region of Quebec which sits under the auroral oval
  • Several cozy villages area available for Northern Lights viewing

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Nova Scotia


  • A wilderness reserve in the southeast that doesn't receive intense displays of the Northern Lights but still catches glimpses of it due to its characteristically dark skies

Prince Edward Island

PEI National Park

  • Experiences strong geomagnetic pollution on some nights that is visible due to low pollution in the skies

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Newfoundland and Labrador

Battle Harbour

  • A natural historic site open from June to September that lacks light pollution and offers clear views of the Northern Lights

Happy Valley-Goose Bay

  • Located on the Trans-Labrador Highway
  • The main hill at the Birch Brook Nordic Ski Club is a popular spot for Northern Lights viewing

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  • Though most of the territory receives decent displays of the Northern Lights, Whitehorse contains most of the viewing tourism companies, such as the Northern Lights Space & Science Centre

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Northwest Territories


  • Located directly beneath the aurora oval and provides unobstructed views of the Northern Lights
  • Check out Aurora Village, a resort dedicated to Northern Lights recreation

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  • Sits slightly north of the auroral zone and has little sky pollution to damper the view of the Northern Lights.

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