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Let's be real for a minute here - it's time to stop sleeping on Québec. This vast province is full of unique and beautiful experiences just waiting to be discovered, and new memories just waiting to be made! And, the best part? It's legit Ontario's next door neighbour, making a brand new discovery just a literal hop away. 

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From islands to woodlands, Québec's landscape is diverse, breathtaking and pretty much the perfect place to let go and adventure to. It's an incredible destination for all curious and adventurous travellers. Whether it’s hiking, exploring, finding new art that lights your heart up, Québec connects you to the vibrant culture right in Canada’s backyard!

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Honestly, Québec offers enough outdoor adventures to even make you forget to check your phone!  So, all you free spirits, get ready to explore epic moments; wildlife interaction; festivals; camping; and even simple, breathtaking spa getaways. 

1. Tadoussac, Québec

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There’s so much to do and see in Tadoussac, a gem in Québec that meets at the Saguenay and St. Lawrence rivers.  Take a boat tour of the river to see the whales (yes, actual whales!). You can even get a glimpse of smaller whales like belugas from the shore.

Québec has more than a million lakes and rivers for you to paddle or kayak along. Lac Mistassini is the largest natural lake in Québec, while sea kayaking is popular on the St. Lawrence and Fjord du Saguenay to really immerse yourself in life on the St. Lawrence.

2. Montréal, Québec

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Montréal is one of the most vibrant cities in the country, so even if you've been here before, you've absolutely got to come and discover it again. Trust, you need more than a few stays in this city to truly appreciate it!

Besides being a hub for culture, food and nightlife, Montréal also hosts the best festivals year-round. From a the famous outdoor Osheaga music festival, to Montréal’s International Firework Festivals, or the Fantasia Film Festival celebrating genre films, Montréal is a hub of activity, nightlife and European culture with a festival for everyone's hobbies!

3. Québec City, Québec

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Heading into Québec City is like walking back in time with its unique, vibrant culture and history dating back all the way to the founding of the province (and country, technically). Walk down the narrow cobblestone roads until you hit one of the most photographed hotels in the world, the famous Château Frontenac.

After you’ve taken in the sights and culture, get some window shopping done at Petit Champlain neighbourhood, one of the oldest shopping streets in North America. 

4. Wendake Village, Québec

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It’s fine to get wrapped up in the nightlife and nature of Québec. But take a step back and soak in the Indigenous traditions weaving in and out of Québec culture.

Walk through historic Old Wendake. The little village is a tribute to Wendake’s cultural heritage and home to a bustling community of artists and artisans. Then pop through the Aboriginal galleries, and arts and crafts shops. 

5. Coaticook, Québec

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It's pretty safe to say that Québec is famous for its food (poutine, anyone?). Traditional Québecoise cabanes a sucre (sugar shacks, serving fresh maple syrup, sugar pie and other traditional treats) and other local producers can be found throughout the province, just like in Coaticook, famous for its laiterie. Who doesn’t love cheese? In Coaticook, enjoy a taste of local flavours at La Laiterie de Coaticook, the dairy factory! Indulge in the ice cream bar with 22 flavours of delicious ice cream.

If you can still move after your dairy indulgence, head over to the Foresta Lumina, literally a forest with lights in Coaticook Gorge Park! 

6. La Mauricie National Park, Shawinigan, Québec

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To be quite honest, La Mauricie is just spectacular. Not only does it offer up the chance to spot wildlife like moose and otter, and beautifully secluded, peaceful spots to set up camp, but there are also lakes for canoeing; waterfalls; and a whole lot more!

Plus, the city it's located near - Shawinigan - is a must-see for its breathtaking scenery. It’s got also got chill vibe with microbreweries, cafes and bakeries. It also has incredible designated national historic sites. It’s a true balance between nature with La Mauricie national park, incredible wildlife spotting and small town life.

7. Chelsea, Québec

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Literally, Chelsea is quite possibly the most relaxing spot to discover in Québec. Not only can you relax and decompress in a beautifully peaceful outdoor setting at Chelsea's Nordik Spa-Nature, but you can also get your adrenaline pumping at a very close, equally beautiful outdoor spot nearby! 

Chelsea's Morrison's Quarry offers crystal blue waters for you to explore via scuba diving, snorkelling and swimming. But if that's not enough for you, try free falling (safely!) at the Great Canadian Bungee, the highest bungee jump in the whole city! And while you're there, hang out by the lake at Meech Lake in Gatineau Park while drinking a local beer.

8. La Vérendrye Wildlife Reserve, Québec

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Ever wanted to kayak down crystal cool waters? Or go fishing in one of the most pristine spots in the country? La Vérendrye Wildlife Reserve has over 4,000 lakes to go fishing, kayaking and canoeing on; as well as beautiful spots to camp; places to pick berries and much more! Plus, La Vérendrye Wildlife Reserve is one of the largest reserves in the whole province. 

Not to mention that the Outaouais region - which is where the reserve is the epitome of cool. The Outaouais region itself has 15,000 lakes and rivers waiting for you, and other parks to explore and discover, like the massive Gatineau Park. Or take a bike ride to Champlain Lookout then pause to take in the scenery in front of you. Truthfully, the possibilities are endless!

9. Sutton, Québec

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Québec's Eastern Townships are spectacular. Beautiful mountains turn into prime hiking spots in the summer and awesome skiing spots in the summer; the lakes are perfect for swimming (or boating!) in; and all in all, the Eastern Townships have the most calming vibe. 

But one spot in the Townships truly stands out: Sutton. While you're taking in all the scenic views, check out Au Diable Vert - a unique outdoor mountain resort that offers the best views of the Green Mountains in Vermont, the Missisquoi River Valley, and unreal sunrises. They also have the VéloVolant, aka ‘flying bike,’ the first of its kind in Canada. It's a bike tour through the treetop to experience Au Diable Vert in full.

10. Percé, Québec

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Percé, Québec is a beautiful city just at the tip of the Gaspé Peninsula, which runs along the the south shore of the St. Lawrence River - which is at the heart of Québec life, land and culture, home to belugas and blue whales.

At this breathtaking spot, you'll be able to catch a glimpse of Rocher Percé, a majestic rock formation piercing out of the bright blue waters. Near the formation, you can even kayak!

11. Anticosti Island, Québec

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Anticosti Island, on the St. Lawrence River, is a literal dreamer's paradise. It’s where you go if you want to get off the beaten path, chill out in nature, and read all the books on your TBR list.

Even though it’s an island, Anticosti is huge!  It’s filled with amazing things just waiting for you to discover and explore - like emerald-watered beaches, unreal waterfalls, wildlife and adventures at Anticosti National Park.

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But honestly, all of Québec is breathtakingly spectacular, and the perfect place to get lost in. Let go and explore one (or all!) of Québec's many parks and rivers; discover wildlife; camp out in the open air; immerse yourself in all the province has to offer, live a real life Québec experience. After all, it's right next door! 

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For more information on how you can let go and explore Québec, and discover all the province has to offer check out QuébecOriginal on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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