You guys remember American Ninja Warrior right? That television show that had the crazy athletes trying to go through these crazy obstacle courses? If you haven't seen the show, you've likely scrolled through highlights in your social media feed. 

If you don't remember how it works, athletes go through an obstacle course as fast as they can and without wiping out into the water. I don't mean some oversized set of monkey bars by the way; maybe take those monkey bars and spread each handle out by a meter. That's a little more accurate. See below! 

Yeahhh... like that. Now you probably scanned through that and had one of two thoughts. First: How on earth did she do any of that? Followed shortly by, "I have no upper body strength, so I can't really do that, but I'd sure love to try"! Well now you can. 

@apex_richmondembedded via

APEX Adventure Plex in Richmond has recently opened up their very own 'Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course' - and it's the first in Canada! They've opened not one, not two, but three full lanes. The first lane is dedicated to all skill levels; the second lane is for 'gym monkeys'. The third lane is made for Olympians - that's right, we said Olympians. And apparently it has a a 1 out of 1000 completion rate. But that won't stop you from trying, right? 

Access to the park is relatively inexpensive. You can use the park for as low as $15 (for 30 minutes) and prices increase as the time does. A visit there is the perfect way to get a great workout, enjoy a rainy day hangout, and if you're confident enough - see if you can really conquer the Olympian course. So I guess the only question is, are you ninja enough? 

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