Congratulations! You're one of the thousands of students lucky enough to be doing their undergrad in Toronto. No matter what college or university you're attending, and no matter what program, you are getting the chance to live in one of the greatest cities in the world. Whether you have been a Torontonian your whole life, or are the new blood in town, going to one of the cities post-secondary institutions is pretty amazing. 

This city is a young person's ultimate playground, with so much to do and so many people, it is impossible to not feel the endless possibilities around you. From the living to the dining, to the dating, Toronto has it all. You can't help, but have high expectations and rightfully so- however, it takes a bit of time to get there. During your undergrad... well let's just say the city will surprise you.



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Moving away from your dingy hole of a dorm is all fun and games until you have to look for an apartment and wonder how in the world you're going to pay rent with your part-time minimum wage of a job (if you even have one). If you want to live alone, on average you'll be paying $1700/month in rent, so unless you can afford to do so, you also have to find a roommate. 

Then that brings a whole new bag of troubles because let's be honest here, living with a friend OR stranger comes with some very distinct highs and lows. 



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More often than not, college and university students in Toronto, will actually opt out for a good ol' fashioned house party, which in all honesty can be a lot of fun, to check out the rampant Toronto club scene. You'll quickly find though that after cover, coat check, watered down cocktails, and the cab ride home - a single night out can really break the bank. So most students just head to the local campus bar or the cheapest bar they can find here.

If you're think you're going to be hitting up all the high end clubs, rubbing shoulders with Drake and the Weekend, hanging out at exclusive after hours all the time, every weekend... think again my friend.



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Honestly, no matter where you go for your undergrad, dating in this era is hard af. Dating in Toronto while doing your undergrad comes with it's own set of challenges. With so many people, it's hard for everyone to find someone without getting distracted by a fuckboy/ fuckgirl. Plus, Tinder is all the rage and sure some people luck out, but so so many do not. If you're fortunate enough to find someone to date and call your own, kudos to you- teach us.



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If coming to Toronto you thought "wow homecoming in the big city must be LIT", you are so, so wrong and I am so, so sorry. Most universities and colleges in Toronto don't have homecoming. Ryerson doesn't even have a football team to begin with. So, if you were banking on getting rowdy in the streets on your way to see your school's football team play, you will likely not be getting that chance here in TO. For the universities that do have homecoming, like U of T, there's isn't LIT either.



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If you're living on res, meals are generally included in your tuition. Lucky you! However, for those of you that aren't, you'll have to fend for yourself. From buying groceries to cooking your meals, the reality is you're going to be eating a lot of the same things every day unless you are or have a secret hidden talent for master chefing in the kitchen. Apps like Just Eat and Uber Eats might just end up becoming your best friend. 



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By now you should not be a stranger to the concept that the TTC is the main way for locals to commute in the city. Meaning tonnes of undergrads are also using this mode of transportation. Thinking the subway will get you to where you need to be in speedy fashion, is the biggest mistake you will make. From rush hour, to train delays for various reasons why transit shuts down, give yourself ample amounts of time when trekking to class. 

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