Horror-theme escape rooms are still a fairly new trend, and it seems like they've been getting a lot more realistic lately. Such is definitely the case in Toronto, where hyperrealistic escape rooms are on the rise. From disaster situations to the paranormal, there are plenty of escape rooms available in the city to get your adrenaline fix.

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One escape room that will really have you at the edge of your seat is called The Unknown by Escape Games in North York. Participants are told absolutely nothing about the room or their mission - the entire thing is kept a secret, and to get out they'll have to prepare themselves for absolutely anything that could come their way.

The most frightening thing about the mission going into it is the cautionary statement given in its description: 

An 18+ rating with a warning for those with heart conditions opens the imagination to all sorts of horrifying possibilities. People who have written reviews about it did not give away the secrets of the mission, but have said that it was executed by the staff superbly:

I will not give away the room because the experience is what makes it. It is 18+ for a reason (No sexual themes is my only hint) and just the immersion, production value and dedication of the hard working actors really blew my mind. I was a mess of tension the entire time and could not recommend it enough for a smaller group. 10/10, will definitely be returning, even though I know I will never feel again the high that is The Unknown. - Jennifer W

Went to Escape Games with a group of 6 and we did The Unknown game room. It was honestly the best I've been to!! The effects and atmosphere was amazing! Not going to spoil it, but one thing I can say is it can be scary. Definitely an unforgettable experience for me. - Vivian L

I consider myself a bit of an escape room junkie, and I've tried upwards of 10 different places across Toronto and the GTA... nothing even came close to this one. I've done End of the Line (which has been changed to Crossroads now I believe), Noriko, and the Unknown, each with different groups of friends and EACH ROOM was phenomenal. I actually can't pick a favourite! Unknown was an unforgettable experience; Noriko was very spooky, and End of the Line was very challenging and captivating. - Dasha M

Ok so to not spoil the room I'll try to be as vague and specific as possible. So the place is really nice. Nice spacious lobby. Had a hard time booking ahead but that's only because they're so popular. Did the UNKNOWN... OMG!!! It's nuts! Unlike any of the other rooms, they're is absolutely zero information about the unknown which is kind of nerve racking because you don't know what you're getting into. To preserve the game, I can say this, they don't require you to be 18 for nothing. It's really intense and if you get overwhelmed easy it's probably not for you. If you're looking for an insanely good immersive experience, try the UNKNOWN. - Adam R

Every single room I've done here has been amazing! I especially recommend the unknown. Don't do it until you are completely done doing other escape rooms because no other room will EVER compare. I'm still looking for one that's close! - 128melikaa

Tried the unknown room, was the best room we have tried. Unique concept which pushed the limits of what I had experienced before. 10/10 - Allan B

Do you dare try The Unknown?

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