As a kid, you probably lent a hand out to your neighbours every once in a while. You'd go door to door offering to babysit kids, shovel driveways or mow a few lawns. If you really meant business, you may even have put up a flyer or two.

It was fun at 10-years-old: Helping out your neighbours for a mere $5. But as an adult, completing daily chores is definitely the last thing you want to do. Wash the dishes? Do the laundry? Take out the trash? No thank you.

If cleaning up after yourself is something you don't find fun, you're not alone. And there's a new Toronto app to help you out. 

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Adam Helps is a new Toronto-based app that aims to make the process of daily chores easier by connecting you with local workers. If you need someone to walk your dog, clean your house after a big party, clean out the gutters or help you assemble some tricky IKEA flat-packed furniture, you can put out feelers in your local area and hire your neighbours for those odd jobs you don't have time for - or just don't want to do!

Adam Helps lets anyone living in the Toronto area post jobs and hire others in their local community. And it works completely on your own schedule: If you're moving out and your friends have bailed on you, but you still need to move out that day, you can post a job asking for movers and see who's around to help you out. Not only do you get your task done, you also meet a new neighbour and help support someone in your local community. 

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If you're on the other side of the spectrum and would like to help neighbours get things done rather than get help, you can earn extra cash based on your schedule. Individuals are free to charge whatever they want for jobs. This can be an hourly or daily rate, or a flat sum.

Payment is done in-person either as cash or e-transfer - Adam Helps doesn't take a commission, and the app is completely peer-to-peer, meaning you speak directly to who you want to hire.

You can post ads for all kinds of tasks, like cleaning, babysitting, dog walking and pet sitting. A general "Other" section is also available to post custom jobs. Pay rate, how far away the job is and when the job needs to be done are also displayed.

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And if you find something suited perfectly for a friend, a "Share" option is also available, letting you send specific jobs to friends via text message, email and social media!

Users can fill out their profiles with a picture, bio, specific skills, user rating and language. An in-app messaging system also makes it easy for users to communicate with each other. The app is free to download, free to instant message, and free to post jobs!

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So prepare to never have to deal with constructing your own IKEA furniture again. Oh, and prepare to make some new friends while you're at it, too!

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For more information on the Adam Helps app, check out their official website and Facebook page - and download the Adam Helps app now on the App store and on Google Play.

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