Vancouver is not the biggest city and after a while in the dating scene, the city can sure feel small. Date spots quickly become overcrowded and overrated and Stanley Park is beautiful but seriously how many times have you seen it? Since the city is smaller, word travels real quick about cool spots and things to do. But don't worry Vancouverites, there are awesome places in the city where you don't have to go too far to escape the crowds. 

Vancouver actually does has many options for date night, but it can be easy to stick to the classics like Stanley Park and Quarry Rock. While these spots are beautiful, beauty and less crowds/tourists await at several places that are off the beaten path.

Let us emphasize that we are not saying these overrated spots are bad spots — actually, all of them are great places. But their appeal can get tainted by the crowds and how overdone they can be.

So why not take the road less travelled and take your date to more unconventional and secluded spots away from the crowds? After all, crowds aren't the most helpful when creating that oh so romantic atmosphere.

With so much to do and so little time, don't waste your energy going to overrated places for date night. Go that little extra mile cause it's never crowded. Impress your date with some more secluded date spots. Happy cuffing season Vancouver!

Indoors ☕️

Cozy up inside. 

Outdoors 🌲

Head outside for some fresh air.

Hikes 🏃‍♀️

Experience the beauty of the west coast. 

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Movie dates can be so overdone and as great as they can be, sometimes you just need a change of scenery. 


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Drive-in and Outdoor Theatres

In the summer, there are a ton of free outdoor movie screenings outside of the popular one at Stanley Park. Throughout the whole year, there are different drive-in theatres to go on an old-school date in Vancouver, such as the River District Vancouver Drive-In in the River District in Vancouver and the Twilight Drive-In in Aldergrove. Take your date for a retro movie night. Plus, drive-in theatres can be seriously cozy. Cue the blankets and cuddles!


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Chain coffee shops

Yes, chain coffee shops can be reliable and quick, but in a city with such a good coffe scene, there are independent coffee shops that are much more suited for a date with their nicer and cozier interiors and higher quality coffee. 


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These "hidden" coffee shops

Vancouver is filled with different independent coffee shops with quality, locally roasted coffee. If you're looking for a cozy coffee date, check out this list. You'll find some of the cutest interiors in Vancouver coupled with some of the best coffee in the city.

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Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge // 3735 Capilano Rd

There's no doubt that the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge is beautiful. But it's beauty is often crowded by other people and tourists competing for views and Instagram pics at this free spot. There are other free suspension bridges with equally beautiful views but less crowds around Vancouver.


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Cascade Falls // 36421 Ridgeview Rd, Mission

A lush forest, cascading waterfall and suspension bridge await you at Cascade Falls. This suspension bridge is much less crowded and known than other ones in Vancouver so you can enjoy the feeling of being suspended with each other without the unwanted company of many others.


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Stanley Park // Downtown

Yes, we know that Stanley Park is beautiful and a great park. But seriously, how many times have you already biked or walked around Stanley Park? And if you're looking for a less crowded date, we all know that Stanley Park is tourist central. So if you're looking to take your date on something more unique, this populated park is not the way to go.

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Jericho Beach to Pacific Spirit Regional Park 

If you want to go on a scenic bike ride, the road from Jericho Beach to Pacific Spirit Regional Park is great for biking. Stop by Wreck Beach and watch the sunset after. The bike path from Jericho runs beside the scenic shoreline, past Spanish Banks, and ends up at UBC. You can choose to stay around the beaches or continue on up to UBC and Pacific Spirit Park. Spanish banks and Jericho tends to be much quieter than English Bay and Stanley Park.

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Grouse Grind // North Vancouver

We're not denying that Grouse Mountain has pretty awesome views, but this isn't the most romantic wilderness date. The trail leading up to it is filled with other sweaty people just trying to get through Mother Nature's stairmaster. Plus you probs don't want to sweat out your body weight in front of your date, just saying.


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Norvan Falls // North Vancouver

This hike will give you those secluded nature feels for your date. One of the quieter hikes in North Vancouver, Norvan Falls ends with a little known suspension bridge and a waterfall. Not to mention the path leading to it is a peaceful, beautiful trail surrounded by trees. It takes around 3-5 hours to complete, but is a relatively easy hike as the elevation gain is minimal. So you won't be out of breath when talking to your date.


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Quarry Rock 

Don't get me wrong, Quarry Rock is a beautiful hike with beautiful views overlooking Deep Cove. But to get to those beautiful views, is a hella crowded hike. So if you're looking for a romantic escape into nature with your date, well this probably is not the place for some alone time.


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Sendero Diez Vistas // Port Moody

For an alternative hike for similar views to Quarry, check out the Diez Vistas hike. Much quieter and way less crowded than it's Deep Cove counterpart, Diez Vistas also offers breathtakingly blue views of the Indian Arm, but from the Port Moody side. You can even see Deep Cove and Quarry Rock from this hike.

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