Vancouver girls are notoriously chill and will likely try anything once, but that doesn't mean they aren't unique or have their own style and flare. 

Let me guess, you've been on a Tinder tear and you've right swiped until you found a match and, hey! She's actually super cute. You've had a good banter going on and now you need to impress her with a great date. What do you pick? Well first you need to identify what kind of chick she is...

Let's face it, Vancouver girls can be catagorized by their neighbourhood. You have your sporty Kitsilano girls who love a good box, cardio, or yoga class. You have the East Van hipster artsy girls who can always be found at the Culture Crawl every year. The lowkey Northshore babes who like to nest and pamper themselves and the Adventurous Whistler chick who will do anything for the thrill of it. 

Sporty Girls 🏈
Artsy Girls 🎨
Lowkey Girls 🍷
Adventurous Girls 🚠

Date Ideas For Your Sporty Vancouver Girl:

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1. Take her to a Canucks Game  

Your sporty girl will love cheering on your local hockey team more than you will. Get tickets for two to the next home game. It won't matter if you're in the nosebleeds or in the lower bowl, she will toss back beers and hi-five you when the Sedins do that thing that makes the crowd go wild. 

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2. Hike Grouse Mountain

Nothing is better than working up a sweat and getting those endorphins pumping on a date. Bae's in a bad mood? Take her on a hike. Bae has cramps? Hike. Bae wants to watch the sunset in the most romantic way ever? You get the picture. The peak of Grouse Mountain is arguably one of the cutest spots in Vancouver. With so much to do at the top, the hike is only the start of all the fun. 

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3. Hit up The Hive  

Show off your strength in a non-obnoxious way. Take your girl to the best bouldering gym in Vancouver. No belay, no problem. This gym only requires shoes and a sense of adventure (and awareness) as you climb up and tumble off the wall. 

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4. Try a Yoga class. 

You're in Vancouver after all, so the best thing to do is to immerse yourself in the trend that has taken over our city by storm. There are so many studios to choose from but my personal favourite is YYoga. They have so many different styles that will suit any level and you can sweat your stress away in the YHot series while pretending you're in Maui. 

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5. Take her paintballing at North Shore Paintball

The best place to take your sporty girl. Dress up in your war paint and get your game faces on. She's going to have to have tough skin but she will love chasing you around the pitch. Be on the same team or split it up, either way, she'll be having the best time. 

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6. Take her axe throwing at Bad Axe

Get out that rage and show her the Lumbersexual side of you. Bad Axe lets you whip axes at a target board and really prove how Canadian you are. Let your Sporty girl get her competitive juices flowing and make sure to stand clear! 

Date Ideas For Your Artsy Vancouver Girl:

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1. Take her to the VAG. 

Get your mind out of the gutter. The Vancouver Art Gallery or, the VAG, is the place to take your artsy chick. Be sure to check them out on Tuesdays when the price of entry is BY DONATION!! (Hell yes for discounts). Check them out and pretend to understand art together. 

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2. Check out the Van Dusen Garden

With summer approaching the Van Dusen Gardens are the place to be. The sweet smell of flowers will fill the air and you won't believe how beautiful this place can be. You can even check out the labyrinth and get lost in the bushes. Who cares when you have your best girl by your side? 

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3. Get crafty at Bella Ceramica.

You remember it from childhood and yet it's still one of your favourite places to go, amiright? This is a great first date spot because you can chat but when you get nervous you can pretend to look for a different paint colour or focus on the design you're creating while you think of something else to say. It's also a great spot for you to go if you're in a more long term relationship because you can paint bae's morning coffee cup and he can think of you every time he has a cup of Joe. Sigh!

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4. Take a mural tour around Vancouver.

Vancouver's public art game has stepped UP. East Van just got another reason for why you should take your artsy girl there: the murals! The already hipster scene has been amplified with colourful walls that have been tastefully graffitied and with the good weather we've been having, why not walk around and admire the art? 

Date Ideas For Your Lowkey Vancouver Girl:

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1. Have a spa day at Scandianave

Whistler's finest and the place to make every boyfriend take you. The lowkey Vancouver chick will love getting pampered in the hydrotherapy baths and solariums. At Scandinave you can move from hot tub to glacier shower and then relax on a hammock. No time limit so relax and let the hours pass by.  

via @jenniferchengxo

2. Have a brunch date at Medina Cafe

Have a little brunch at Medina Cafe and let the stress of our work day melt along with your lavender latte. Try a dish served in a cast iron skillet and be as hipster as you've always wanted to be in your dreams. Your lowkey babe will love the atmosphere, the food, and the variety. 

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3. Have a lowkey date at Reflections Patio. 

As if the Hotel Georgia could be any more adorable. Wait, it just did. Reflections is the rooftop patio on top of the already stunning hotel in the heart of downtown Vancouver. The Spring colours bring a sense of calm to the sun soaked patio and you can stretch out on the couches with a bottle of rosé and just chill. 

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4. Take her for a float at the Float House

Your lowkey chick will love sinking into a deprivation tank and forgetting all her worries. These hot water pods are designed to let you float for an hour to an hour and a half and meditate. Take her home and cook her a nice warm meal (with wine!) and keep the buzz going. 

Date Ideas For Your Adventurous Vancouver Girl:

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1. Zipline on Grouse Mountain

There's nothing like zipping through the air and fluttering your feet over the natural beauty of Grouse Mountain. Take your adventurous chick on the ride of her life and keep your eyes peeled for all the wildlife below. 

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2. Jump out of a plane together with Vancouver Skydive

Why not?! Take the plunge and suit up to jump out of a plane and free fall from the sky. The adrenaline hit is exactly what your adventurous girl is looking for and the endorphins will be pumping through your veins all damn day. 

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3. Take a ride with a Helijet Tour

Fly over downtown Vancouver and admire the city of lights from above! The Helijet tours circle over Vancouver's harbour and the downtown core. If you're lucky you may even get a tour over Wreck Beach... locals you know what I mean... 

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4. Take up pole dancing at Tantra

Spice it up! If you've got an adventurous girl why not try pole dancing? You can have a few laughs, definitely get a sweat on, and maybe even learn a few moves (winky face) 

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