Goat yoga has been the talk to the town recently. Well now there's a new animal activity that is changing the game.

A small farm in Canada is introducing Alpaca dance classes at their farm. 

313 Farms in Manitoba, Canada is now offering dance classes in various styles from hip hop to barre to zumba and more. The classes will take place outside where you can enjoy some exercise and play with the friendly animals. They even offer Mommy and Me classes for parents and children to enjoy together. 

“The alpacas are super friendly, they don’t bite, they’re very curious about people without being intrusive so they’re really nice to get along with.” Ann Patman from 313 Farms says. 

Classes currently offered are: Paca Pilates, Barn Barre, Camelid Cardio, or Poppin’ Pacas Hip Hop. Each class starts at $10 for online registration and $15 at the door.

Pack your bags and be one with the Alpacas today!

For more information visit: www.alpacazonedance.weebly.com

Source: Global News

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