If we had to pick one thing that everyone loves about Publix (other than everything) it's gotta be their subs - and as far as we're concerned the chicken tendie ones reign supreme. If you agree, you can actually pick up a chicken tender pub-sub on sale for a limited time at Publix.

We Floridian's gotta look out for each other when it comes to our subs. A Twitter account entirely dedicated to the question "Are Publix Chicken Tender Subs" on sale, @Pubsubs_on_sale, made a post confirming our wildest dreams - they're on markdown starting August 8th.

The post confirms that you can pick up a chicken tender sub for only $6.99 until the 14th - that's about $2 worth of savings, depending on how you like to dress up your sub.

Any money saved on supporting our pub-sub addiction is a win in our book! We've been waiting for this moment, and most of the commenters on the post agree - this is a reason to freakin' CELEBRATE.

Every Floridian knows you don't want to miss out on this opportunity - we feel especially bad for the sad people who won't be around while the sale is running. If you are gonna be around while they're on sale, you're definitely gonna want to get you one - it's the perfect lunch; you can even save half for another day, or get 2 because why not. We're setting ourselves a reminder to get one, unlike these commenters.

You probably won't want to go in to order your sub during the lunch rush, it's likely to look like sub-mageddon in there. Might as well order it online. You can either use their website to order in-store pick up or if you're feelin' a lil lazy (like us) you can Instacart your beloved sub right to your door.

Maybe we won't be keeping our figures this summer - right alongside these commenters.

Not all heroes wear capes. We and the other users of Twitter thank you for your service.

You can view the full Twitter post and comments here

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