Cheap airfare deals fuel impulsive travel trips, and we’re here for it! Apparently, so is Frontier, because they’re offering $20 one-way tickets out of several Florida cities all across the country. Even better, the flights are all non-stop, but you only have two days to grab them!

Whether you’re flying out of MCO in Orlando, RSW in Fort Myers, or MIA in Miami, you can take a quick escape from the Sunshine State to see family, real fall foliage, and experience some real winter vibes. Most cities will have return flights just as cheap, so your return to warm weather will be just as much of a bargain as the flight out.

While the $20 deals are only around for two days, you can still snag flights out of major Florida cities for under $50. And if you know your way around the hidden bag fees and add-ons, you can really make the most of this already super-affordable trip.

Frontier is the queen of domestic-flight flash-sales, especially if they’re celebrating a milestone or something special within their company, in which case you can even fight flights at $15.

Frontier has been around since the 1950s, and now serves 80 cities in the U.S., as well as Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Plus, they have seven out of seven safety stars, so you can fly with peace of mind, too.

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Frontier Flash Deal

Price: $20

When: November 21 - 22 2019

Why You Need To Buy: Frontier is having cheap flights across for less than $50 across the country, but you can only get the $20 deal for the next two days!

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