Donut lovers need to report to Krispy Kreme immediately. Today is "Day of the Dozens" and that means that you can get a dozen glazed Krispy Kreme donuts for $1. Yes, it's only one dollar. The only catch is, you have to buy a dozen at regular price first. But with donuts so good, it's not really a catch, right?

The special is going on all day today to commemorate the date, 12/12. It's called the "Day of Dozens." Buy 12 donuts, get 12 donuts for just a dollar. You can redeem two dollar dozens per person, so bring some friends and get enough donuts to last a lifetime. You can also fill up your whole office, and get some brownie points with the boss. Should we say, donut points? (Okay, yes, lame.)

This deal is available at one Krispy Kreme location in New Orleans, on Clearview Pkwy, and one in Baton Rouge, on Plank Road. This deal is not available at grocery stores, where you can usually pick up Krispy Kremes. You know the stores are going to be packed once everyone finds out about this deal, head over to the location closest to you ASAP to bathe in donuts.

At Krispy Kreme, a dozen glazed donuts usually cost around $8, a dozen assorted donuts will typically cost you around $9, and a dozen specialty donuts will cost just over $11. This means that you could be saving a full $10 today. 

If you don't think you can handle eating all of the delicious donuts tonight (and tomorrow for breakfast) you can totally freeze them. The Krispy Kreme website says that although they're best when fresh, to freeze the donuts, seal them in an airtight package, like a ziplock bag.

Right now Krispy Kreme is offering some really cute holiday-themed donuts like "Santa Belly" which is iced and filled with chocolate Kreme, "Reindeer" which is dipped in chocolate icing with pretzel ears and "Present" which is filled with vanilla Kreme. 


They also, of course, have their classics, like white glazed and chocolate glazed with sprinkles; cake batter; Oreo cookies and Kreme; raspberry filled; double dark chocolate; dulce de leche (yum!); New York cheesecake and tons more. You have a lot to choose from. 


Krispy Kreme

Price: ๐Ÿ’ธ

Address: Various

Why You Need To Go: Today only, you can get a dozen donuts for $1 with purchase of one dozen donuts.

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