The happiest place on earth is going to get a lot happier. If you're a huge procrastinator like us, chances are you're struggling to find those presents before the holidays. Well, let the 'struggle no longer be real' because we've made a list of last-minute gifts at Disneyland you can buy. 

While you're scoping out the park for some neat presents, you can indulge in some yummy seasonal treats. From chocolate-filled beignets to mickey shaped gingerbread cookies, there are enough goodies to satisfy that sweet-tooth craving.

And while you're at it, make sure you check out this guide that lists all the important items you'll need for a magical day at the Disney park

This list is small but mighty! Many of the gift options are perfect if you're shopping on a budget. Plus, who said shopping can't be fun? No one. No one has ever said that. 

Disney Parasol

Price: Varies (prices are subject to change)

Where: New Orleans Square 

Why You Should Buy One: These adorable little umbrellas are perfect for both rain and sunshine. You can get one personalized too for an extra cost. 

Disney Pins

Price: Varies

Where: Downtown Disney & Gift Shops

Why You Should Buy One: These little pins are perfect collectible gifts. Plus, it won't break the bank because you can find some for under $10.

Signed Autograph Book

Price: Signatures are free, the cost of the book varies

Where: Gift shops across the park

Why You Should Buy One: If you've got a friend who is a die-hard Disney fan, you can buy an autograph book and get signatures from their favorite characters. Could you snag us a signing from Aladdin? 

Pressed Pennies

Price: $0.51 (2 quarters and 1 penny)

Where: Various locations throughout the park

Why You Should Buy One: They're inexpensive and so cute! Who knows? Maybe the receiver of this gift will start a pressed penny collection. 

Disney Silhouette Picture

Price: Prices start at $9.95

Where: Main Street 

Why You Should Buy One: You can get your BFF or SO a picture of your beautiful silhouette.

Santa Hat Macarons 

Price: $5.99 each

Where: Jolly Holiday Bakery

Why You Should Buy One: We love macarons and this mint-flavored one will surely knock your socks off. Plus, it's so festive. 

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