Laster tag isn’t just for kids or Call of Duty fans, and Battleground Orlando has so much to offer for all of kinds of players. This is not your typical laser tag, as they offer eight different all-terrain fields, so yeah, you may get dirty.

They’re currently running a 50% discount on Groupon, making the total deal $31 for 4 people, and it’s selling fast. You and a group of three can run through the fields for two hours, pizza included.

Battleground Orlando is the largest laser tag complex in Florida, with the added benefit of laser tag and paintball. Their fields are no joke, with eight different terrain options, including indoor and outdoor, so don’t worry if the weather isn’t in your favor.

The outdoor fields range from tunnels to bunkers, two-story towers, urban, and woods, while the indoor includes room scenarios, blacklight rooms, and more. You can even venture through Halo metal fields, and of course, a Call of Duty themed run.

As far as their armory goes, these are no toys. Battleground offers the latest in infrared technology, capable of single shots or semi-automatic. The display across the onboard computer controls the game, showing when and who you hit, which means no cheating! The laser tag equipment is military-grade, but light and easy enough to handle for ages 5 through 105.

Advanced technology keeps track of everything that’s happening, so if you’ve never played before, you won’t be overwhelmed. The computer atop the equipment tells you your health, communicates information to other guns, tells you when you’re hit and who you tag. It’s also equipped with a red-dot scope and sight rail to make aiming that much easier.

All in all, a great place for friends, but also that coworker you’re not too fond of. Maybe even boss. Better yet, call your mother-in-law and tell her about the Groupon, too!

Battleground Orlando

Price: $31 for 4 people

Address: 7215 Rose Avenue, Orlando, FL 32810

Why You Need To Go: To practice those sharpshooting skills at one of the largest laser tag complexes, all without breaking your wallet! 

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