In an age where we drive the cars, it might be a little weird to think about not having someone in the driver's seat. In a program called Move Nona, Lake Nona gets its first autonomous driverless shuttles that drive themselves — and right now they're free to ride.

According to News 6, the shuttle launched in the Orlando area yesterday as the 1st of their kind, giving Orlando area officials the first ride. While no one is in the driver's seat, an operator is on board to make sure things are running smoothly, although the shuttles were tested for months before they hit the road to ensure safety.

The best part? Beep & partner company Navya is covering the costs for the time being, though a ride fee is sure to come later on down the line. Anticipated future ride cost has yet to be determined, but will be updated as information becomes available.

The two 15-passenger shuttles have 11 seats, with rails for the four standing riders to hold for stability — you don't have to worry about feeling off-kilter, as it only moves 15 miles per hour. Though the CEO of one of the founding companies Beep, Joe Moye, told News 6 that they can move much faster but wanted to "walk before they ran" so to speak. 

The two shuttles will run a 1-mile route with the stops being in front of the Laureate Park Village Center and behind the Pixon building outside of the Town Center on Tavistock Lakes Blv. in Lake Nona. Signs will clearly mark the stops. More routes and stops may be added in the future.

According to their website, riders looking to take their first trip on the driverless shuttle can do so now for free during the trial period, with a route schedule of 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and another from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.; riders are asked to arrive 20 minutes prior to the scheduled shuttle arrival time. Anticipated future ride cost has yet to be determined, with no confirmed ending date for the trial period at this time.

The updated arrival schedules will be posted to their Twitter page @beepmovenona, as well as on Beep & Move Nona's websites.

Before you take your first ride, be sure to read about the shuttle rider rules here. For more information about shuttle times, FAQs, and more check Beep's website here or Move Nona's website here.

Lake Nona is no stranger to cool things, like this awesome shipping container park that's a foodie's paradise.

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