Target is randomly selling a bunch of new Christmas-themed "Star Wars" merchandise in their holiday section and none of it is being advertised anywhere yet. 

You can get "The Child" holiday chocolates, a bunch of tree ornaments (hello porgs, nice to see you again), a plush Chewbacca in a Santa hat, and a bunch more.

To find it, you either have to search for it very specifically on their website ("Star Wars holiday") or visit a Target in person (!!) because not all the little holiday trinkets are always listed on the store's website, historically.

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Would you like an advent calendar honoring The Child? Because you can have one, at Target.

...Or how about an ornament? Remember porgs? Well, they're back, baby, and ready to hang on your tree.

They have a bunch of water bottles, as well (featuring The Child, of course, once again).

Do not even try to escape seeing The Child everywhere you look at Target — you cannot (or at least it will be difficult, anyway).

...But seriously, good luck.

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