From the cacao bean to smooth chocolate, this chocolate shop embraces the journey it takes to create a crazy good chocolate. 5150 Chocolate Co is a bean to bar chocolate company embracing the traditions and using the finest quality cacao to create unique recipes.

This chocolate company works together with farmers to unite the chocolate maker and chocolatier to create the ultimate treats unlike any other in South Florida. If you want to express your love in a different way, 5150 Chocolate Co offers custom items such as sculptures and other chocolate-related items that will turn any bitter heart into a sweet soul.

The company just released a chocolate survival kit with 100% chocolate products. The survival kit includes chocolate brass knuckles, chocolate cigar, set of 8 bon bons including fun flavors like bubblegum and pop rocks!, a jar of Key Lime Kush Nugz, a sampler of rainbow sherbert, a peanut butter marshmallow crunch bar and some gold cacao for good luck.

The chocolate survival kit costs $100 and all the products are made entirely of handcrafted artisan chocolate. If you have a friend that needs a pick me up after a rough weekend, this kit will help them to get through the week.

Items are sold online and shipped nationwide. The online shop also includes chocolate bars from cacao beans produced in Tanzania, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Venezuela and more.

Chocolate bars start at $9 and some are organic. 5150 Chocolate Co is always creating new flavors and stretching their creative process such as the Funky Flavor bar which blends specialty flavors.

Good chocolate is all about embracing the "defects" of the cacao and creating a house blend that is sweet and creative. Make someone's day and taste a chocolate bar like no other.

5150 Chocolate Co

Address: 1010 N. Federal Highway, Delray Beach, FL 33483

Why you need to go: This place has an amazing selection of foreign chocolates and organic flavors.


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