If you're a fan of all things intergalactic, then you're probably familiar with The Mandalorian. The cutest little alien made a debut on the show and in real life. You can get Arizona's best boba topped with a baby Yoda macaron. It's so cute, you'll be saying "Yoda best."

Located in the town of Tempe resides a charming bubble tea store, Mango Rabbit. You'll find them dishing out some delicious brews, bubble waffles, and treats. 

But there's one snack in particular that stole our hearts. 

The Baby Yoda Bubble Waffles are a delicious sweet treat topped with a themed macaron.

For $10.82 after-tax, you'll get a freshly baked waffle cone with your choice of two scoops of ice cream. It's then topped off with whipped cream and crispy bits that are oh so good. 

That's not even the best part. These are available year-round. So, you can live out your galactic fantasies anytime. "This is the way," am I right?

If your heart is set on boba tea, but you still want that adorable Yoda mac, then you can opt for a Baby Yoda Boba.

They're addictive and it's because Mango Rabbit marinates their boba in honey and sugar. *Drools*   

You'll also find other themed drinks celebrating K-Pop and Hello Kitty. Just be warned though, you'll have a seriously sweet sugar rush after.

With a giant teddy bear to pose with, you and your friends will have a field day in this spot sharing drinks and taking cute photos. 

This isn't the only spot in Phoenix dishing out adorable macarons though. You'll find a local bakery serving "taco" ones that can be eaten any day of the week. Either way, we like those odds. 

Mango Rabbit

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Bubble tea and more

Address: 1250 E. Apache Blvd. #112, Tempe, AZ

Why you need to go: You can get delicious boba tea or bubble waffles topped with a baby Yoda cookie. 


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