The Beltline in Atlanta is known for its great restaurants and cafes. It just opened, on June 3, a brand new restaurant that has been successful in the South that makes you feel like you are right on the streets of Thailand. 

Hawkers Asian Street Fare is the Beltline's newest place to go. It has authentic Asian food that you will want to try as soon as possible. 

As you walk in, you will probably ask yourself if you are even still in Atlanta because the culture decor is spot on. Asian art covers the walls and boxes of chopsticks sit on the tables. 

The owners wanted to redefine Asian food in the States, so that is why these joints got started. Hawker stalls are where all the best food on the streets were, according to the Hawkers.

This was a perfect spot to put this restaurant because the Beltline is filled with bikers, runners, walkers, and those who are just exploring for the day. They can pop right in and grab a bite to eat.

The dishes are served family style, which is the best style. You and your friends can all get something different and all share, so you get a taste of everything this place has to offer. 

You can expect to see options like street skewers, different noodle dishes, special wings, and different flavors of wontons. 

The average prices of the meals range from $4-$9.

Reviews from their other locations say nothing but great things about the restaurant. They talk about how authentic it is and how great the prices are. 

They also have many cocktails to choose from, including a juice pouch drink that you can order. It is called, That's My Bag, Baby. It has Naked Turtle rum, lemongrass simple, lime, mint, soda in it, which are only $3! 

If you are vegan or vegetarian, no need to fear. Hawkers will work with you to make your dish perfect for you!

Hawkers is open from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.


Hawkers on the Beltline

Price: $4-$9

Address: 661 Auburn Avenue Northeast, Suite 180, Atlanta, Georgia 30312

Why you should go: It is a brand new place and the atmosphere and the food will make you feel like you are on the streets of Asia.


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