You either really love cold brew coffee or you do not. This type of coffee has become super popular over the last year and all coffee shops are including it on their menus. It is a type of coffee that is seeped over six to 12 hours which makes it VERY strong. A new coffeeshop in Atlanta actually has cold brew coffee on tap.

Dairies Coffeehouse and Cold Brew Bar in Atlanta is one of those places that is always being talked about. It is one-of-a-kind and there is no other place like it. There is a 14-tap bar filled with cold brew. Yes, taps filled with strong coffee. 

If you are not for the energizer bunny coffee, there are other options. You can get hot and cold drinks, frappes, teas, milkshakes and juices. There is a full food menu with items like avocado toast, salads and smoothie bowls. 

The best part about this location is that they are a part of Thrive Farmers. Working with this company, Cold Brew Bar is getting their coffee straight from coffee bean farmers from around the world. You know the coffee you are getting is coming from a great source. 

On tap, they have cold brew of course, but they also have other beverages. Options include Nitro Oat Milk Latte, Nitro Matcha Latte, Sparkling Hibiscus Tea and Cascara Cream Soda.  

The most exciting thing on the menu has to be the "Captain Cortado." This drink is an espresso that has Cap'n Crunch-infused milk in a Fruity Pebbles rimmed glass. Where the 90s kids at??

If you would rather have that drink without the coffee, they do offer a milkshake that is the same. Just order "The Captain," and you will get a milkshake infused with Cap'n Crunch Cereal, which is housemade. 

On their "healthier" list, you can get items like keto coffee and the most aesthetically pleasing vanilla rose latte that is loaded with nutrients. Everything at the Cold Brew Bar is very Instagrammable and you will probably find yourself going back over and over again.

In September you will be able to get cold brew on tap at this massive brewery that will be opening in the West End of Atlanta. 


Cold Brew Bar 

Price: $4.50+

Address: 777 Memorial Dr. SE Suite 103A, Atlanta, GA 30316

Why you should go: There are 17 taps at this location filled with cold brew coffee and other drinks. 


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