All weather aside, there is never a bad time to eat ice cream. Cold weather doesn't stop us from craving the creamy treats and who knows, warm weather could creep back up on us at any moment. The best way to eat ice cream is sandwiched between two freshly baked, chewy cookies and ice cream in Atlanta is about to be taken to a whole new level with these sweet and loaded sandwiches.

Cathy's, an iconic ice cream sandwich shop based out of Cleveland, Ohio is opening its second location in Atlanta in 2020. The popular creamery, established in 2018, makes all their delicious cookies from scratch daily so you can rest assured the "buns" of your ice cream sandwich are always fresh, warm, chewy and gooey. 

The new Atlanta location is currently under construction in the Westside Provisions District and is expected to open next fall.

The original recipes at Cathy's are one-of-a-kind, made with locally-sourced ingredients to craft mouth-watering cookies like ginger molasses, chocolate brownie and snickerdoodle. The center of your sandwiches are loaded up with healthy servings of 14 unique ice cream flavors like carrot cake, banana pudding, salted caramel peanut and white chocolate truffle.

There are endless options when it comes to customizing your cookie sandwiches too. After choosing your cookies (pick two different ones if you're stuck) and your massive helping of ice cream, you can load up your treat even further with all the toppings like toffee, Fruity Pebbles, rainbow sprinkles and homemade chocolate sauce. You definitely get a big bang for your buck because these massive sugary concoctions are only $7.

In addition to the famous sandwiches, you can also opt for a churro ice cream sandwich, a vegan ice cream sandwich or take the traditional route with a milkshake or scoops in a cup or cone.

If you fall in love (which we predict you will), you can take home pints of their homemade cookie dough or ice cream for only $6 to $8. 

For more must-try sweet treats in Georgia, you have to check out this new gelato shop with boozy slushies and sorbets and these donut "subs" loaded with ice cream and unlimited toppings.


Cathy's Gourment Ice Cream Sandwiches

Price: $1.25-$8

Address: Westside Provisions District

Why You Need To Go: Treat yourself to something over-the-top with freshly baked cookie sandwiches piled high with unique ice creams and toppings.

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