We love going to our regular spots to eat the food we know we will like and enjoy. Sometimes, we like to branch out though, and Atlanta is the perfect place to do that. With all different cultures, groups and culinary experts, we are lucky to have so many different restaurants and experiences. An interactive dining experience in Atlanta you probably have never witnessed before is sitting right in the Eastside and you will want to experience it. 

Gunshow will bring you an interactive dining experience you need to try at least once. It has been around for a while, but more people need to know about it because it is so out of the ordinary. 

This restaurant and the kitchen is an open kitchen concept. This means you are sitting literally right next to the chefs making the food.

More times than not, you are faced with the decision of where to go to dinner. Ten out of ten times the answer is, "I don't care, what do you want?" Gunshow gets rid of that because this spot has so many different dishes to choose from, you probably will want them all and won't say, "I don't care."

There is a sample menu that you will receive at the beginning of your dinner, but the chefs often change up what they are making and then come to your table to explain what they have. You can simply say that is not what you are looking for, or choose their dish. 

Instead of ordering just one item, or choosing just one, you are encouraged to try many items. Chefs will come up to your table many times during the night to see if you want the dish they created. 

Online, they have added a sample menu of items that they make often, or ones that the public really enjoy. You will have options like scallops, beef tongue, lobster roll, broiled redfish and so much more. 

This dining experience is one you have to try if you are visiting Atlanta, or even if you are a local. After you finish your dinner, you need to go to this new pizza shop down in Old Fourth Ward to grab one of their huge ooey, gooey cinnamon rolls for dessert, or you can get a gigantic sundae from this sugar paradise



Price: 💸💸

Address: 924 Garrett St, Atlanta, GA 30316

Why You Need To Go: This is an interactive dining experience that has an open kitchen concept. 


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