If you've been to any big time outdoor (and sometimes indoor) summer event, you're bound to see the very recognizable pushcart with a huge umbrella over it. If not the cart, you'll definitely notice the patiently waiting line of people leading up to the cart. Save to say, Georgians love King of Pops, kids and adults alike. Now, all generations can get in on the latest venture from the colorful franchise. King of Pops is now getting into the ice scream business with a new shop called "Wonderkid".

The new restaurant will cover 4,000 square-feet and have a bar, lounge and dining area. There will also be a patio for guests to sit and enjoy. The vibe will be very 1940s with music like rock'n'roll, bebop, old soul, and the soundtrack of Pulp Fiction playing on rotation. The bar will be made from a pharmacy soda shop counter (very old school) with barstools to match.

Wonderkid wil have the same fun energy of the King of Pops we know and love, but with an even more light-hearted, brighter twist. It will have an ice cream version of Chocolate Sea Salt (a understood fave flavor of KoP) with others including vanilla, dairy-free selections and of course, the seasonal fruit flavors. Even though Atlanta has a long list of amazing places to get the best ice cream and desserts, we're already excited for this new option to add to the list. 

In true King of Pops nature, guests will have many, many choices to choose from when it comes to dipping and topping options so everyone can go crazy and create their perfect ice cream bowls and sundaes.

Similar to the Ponce City Market location, Wonderkid will have all the liquor choices and "poptails" on deck. There will be 20-30 beer options, 8-12 cocktail choices (at least five are nonalcoholic) and 20-30 wines. There will even be a secret cocktails menu for guests to discover. 

The bar area will stay open until midnight so this may be your new fave hangout spot too. Wonderkid is set to open in September.



Address: 777 Memorial Dr. SE. Suite 100, Atlanta, GA 30316

Why you should go: King of Pops is making ice cream and new cocktails. This is really a no brainer.


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