With so many new bars and restaurants popping up all over the city, it can be hard to keep track of what's coming next. However, if you're looking for a totally different bar and entertainment experience, then you're in for a real treat when you're on the hunt for new bars in Atlanta.

If there's one place you definitely have to check out this season, it's Clues and Cocktails. The new bar just opened last month (Nov. 22), so it's still brand new. This bar is probably unlike anything you've experienced before around town. It's designed as a post-WWII jail; Owner Joy Christina describes it as an "immersive theater show" that guests play a role in.

When asked to describe the experience guests have at the bar, Christina told Narcity, "People keep thinking that it's like an escape room, and it's not. There's acting and singing, and then also, the participants are actively involved in the whole process."

"It's not a murder mystery either because we're not solving a murder," Christina explains. "It's kind of like this environment that allows the guest to interact with the actors while also solving the clues and puzzles along the way, so they're on their feet, very involved."

You're definitely not just going to be sitting down and simply watching the performance unfold. According to Christina, "Ultimately, the audience, based on how well they solve the clues and find the evidence, directly impact what happens at the end of the show. They basically drive the story line."

We asked how she came up with the idea for this spot, Christina says, "I came up with the idea a couple years ago. I was thinking about ways... to bring more life to the Sweet Auburn area, and so, I know that there's bars and things like that on Edgewood, but if you look on Sweet Auburn, it's still really trying to get developed."

Of course you can't pass up on the drinks. There's a full bar, so you can always grab beer or wine. However, you can't forget about the cocktails. With prison-themed names like "The Warden's Wife" and "The Execution," you'll surely want to check them out. If you like this place, then you're definitely enjoy this hidden speakeasy in Atlanta or this one that requires a password


Clues & Cocktails

Price: $35

Address: 314 Auburn Avenue NE, Atlanta, GA 30303

Why You Need To Go: This bar offers an immersive theater experience and delicious cocktails.

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