When the munchies hit you hard, you might find yourself scrolling through Uber Eats for a delicious snack to indulge in. An all-new Marijuana-themed sub restaurant coming to Atlanta, Chēba Hut, officially has an opening date. There may not be any actual weed at this joint, but everything is pot-themed and it's the perfect spot for your grub seshes.

Chēba Hut Toasted Subs announced back in 2019 that it's making it's way to the big city of Atlanta. There are locations all across the U.S. in Florida, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, California, and Oregon, with spots in Lousiana, Illinois, and Ohio also coming soon.

Whether you've had a long day or night of drinking (or doing other things we won't speak of), this place will welcome you with open arms and make sure you get some good eats.

While there are no marijuana products here, the sandwiches sure do like to pretend they're apart of the family. You can order sandwich sizes like the "nug" (4 inches), the "pinner" (8 inches), and the "blunt" (12 inches).

While the subs are the stars of the show, there are a ton of other options as well. 

You can grab meatballs, loaded nachos, pretzel nuggets, and garlic cheesy bread off the "munchies" section of the menu, or a Rice Crispy bar, a brownie, or chocolate chip cookies off the "treats" section. 

Chēba Hut also sells alcoholic drinks, of course. As for non-alcoholic beverages, you can expect to see Kool-Aid, Red Bull, and normal fountain drinks.

They even have super cute names with bud culture-inspired references. A few of the cocktails found on the menu include Spiked Kool-Aid, Bloody Mary Jane, Hash Can, Hot Box, and Dirty Hippie.

Narcity reached out to Chēba to confirm the opening date. The original date was set for September 28, but has since been pushed back. Now, ATLiens can start grabbing massive sub sandwiches and other tasty snacks starting October 5.*

When you visit, you'll be transported into another universe full of delicious food that'll put you in a food coma, colorful walls, murals, and sweet treats.

Stay hungry, Atlanta! 

Chēba Hut Toasted Subs

Price: 💸💸

When: October 5, 2020*

Address: 800 Marietta St. NW STE A, Atlanta, GA

Why You Need To Go: This unconventional sandwich shop surrounds all things marijuana, which makes for an exciting visit. 

*This story has been updated.

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