Now that bikini season is just about over and Thanksgiving season is taking its place, we can start to feel a little less guilty about indulging in sweet treats. With all the diet trends of 2019, there are countless healthy treats that actually taste unhealthy, but won't pack on the pounds. Get the best of both worlds at this keto bakery in Atlanta that serves low-carb treats that are insanely delicious.

Zambawango, located in Sandy Springs, is a European-style bakery owned by a Greece native (so you know it's real). The goal of the bakery, which opened just a few years back, is to change the dessert landscape in the U.S. by offering authentic pastries and treats in a way that satisfies all those who are health-conscious, those who have a major sweet tooth and those who want the balance of both. 

The creators and chefs at Zambawango aim to offer something that is better for your insides but doesn't not compromise taste and quality. That is why they offer keto-friendly, low-carb, and gluten-free options that you won't be able to differentiate from the all-inclusive sugary, gluten-y induglences.

They aren't compromising price either because most treats are less than $3. Their low-carb and gluten-free menu contains treats with all-natural, non-GMO ingredients that have zero glycemic impact, all with less than FOUR net carbs each (unfathomable, if you ask us).

You can also enjoy dazzling treats like tiramisu, chocolate mousse cake, crème brûlée and more from their GF low-carb menu. And don't forget the mouth-watering cupcakes (also with two carbs) that will have you seriously shocked that you aren't loading up on pounds of sugar.


They also offer traditional cinnamon rolls, croissants and danishes if you really are craving that sugar rush. An extrememly prevalent part of European culture is coffee and a good bakery would not be complete without some delicious brew.

You can pair your guilt-free treats with a locally-sourced hand-crafted espresso, designed to mesh perfectly with your pastry.

Looking for more sweet treats around the city? Check out this dessert shop with vegan cinnamon rolls or this nostalgic vintage candy shop that will take you straight back to the '90s.



Price: $3-$10

Cuisine: European

Address: 901 Abernathy Road CU 400, Sandy Springs, GA 30328

Why You Need To Go: The indulge in your favorite sweet snacks at a majorly affordable price, completely guilt-free without losing the sugary taste you crave.


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