It seems a new brewery is opening up every week in Atlanta, but who doesn't love a healthy mix of variety? The newly opened Halfway Crooks Brewery in Summerhill will soon be next on your list for best after work Happy Hours or Friday night bar hopping with friends. The Atlanta bar is already creating a light buzz for their specialty draft choices, Belgian meat pies and their fun tech-themed atmosphere. 

Halfway Crooks officially opened their doors this past weekend (July 6) with much anticipation from the neighborhood. Located in Summerhill and accompanied around well-known dining stops and other eateries, the brewery was applauded by local news outlets for their location choice (they do say that's half the battle). 

The ten-barrel brewery is a two-story bar restaurant and brewhouse where guests can enjoy their spirits on either floors. Guests can sit at any of the scattered tables that cover the full-length of the tasting room or at either bar on the first or second floors. The second floor features a retractable roof that opens up for guests to view the downtown Atlanta skyline while drinking their ales.

Halfway Crooks's theme and eatery choices are deeply engrained by the personalities of the owners. Co-owner Shawn Bainbridge and Tim Kilic are both electrial engineers who got a chance to nerd out while designing many of the bar's features. The third co-owner, Belgium-born brewer Joran Van Ginderachte, brought both his love for his country's good eats and ability to brew a nice pint to the mix. 

Bainbridge, who is actually a Georgia Tech alum (go, Yellow Jackets!) told Eater Atlanta that the menu above the first floor bar was created using multiple Raspberry Pi devices (basically simple, mini computers). The font was designed to resemble a VisiCalc spreadsheet with ASCII art on a green monochrome monitor. For the non-tech people out there, like us, it looks like the digital rain used in The Matrix promo so already we knew these guys were serious about their tech.

Halfway Crooks features Belgian-style brews, barrel-aged beers and the taste of New Zealand in their meat pies paired with Belgian fries. Currently on draft they are serving Belgian pale ale (Sanguine), an American pale ale (Settings), a lager (Mineral Ills), and a "table" beer (Velo). 

Outside of the $5 (beef or cheddar) meat pies, you have the option of choosing pork rolls, spicy Thai chicken, chana masala, Alabama chicken, and Carolina BBQ pork.

If the cool interior design and vibe of Halfway Crooks doesn't wow you, you're sure to enjoy the curated beer and food selections. Plus you can always grab a sugary sweet treat from the dessert choices next door. Seriously, it's a win/win/win situation.

Halfway Crooks is open 4:00p to 10:00p Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays; 11:30a to 12:00a Fridays and Saturdays; 11:30a to 10:00p on Sundays; and closed Tuesdays. 


Halfway Crooks

Price: 💸

Address: 60 Georgia Ave. SE

Why you should go: Curated beer and food pairings, including Belgian meat pies and fries in a tech-themed environment.


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