When you think of summertime, you think of ice cream or popsicles by the pool while relaxing on a hot day, especially in Georgia where the temperature can get up to 100 degrees, easily. Finding an ice cream shop is crucial on these days, and once you go into Sweet Stack Creamery once, you will never search for another ice cream shop again.

At Sweet Stack, you can literally build your own dessert. Whether you are feeling like having a regular ice cream cone, or adventuring on the wild side and trying a doughnut ice cream sandwich, you can get all of that here.

You can get up to three scoops (if you can handle it) on your sandwich, or on your cone!

You first pick your poison, aka your base for your ice cream. You can pick from a cone, a donut, a cup, or cookies. Everything is made in-house, so you know you are getting the real deal. 

Along with your base, you then choose one of the multiple ice cream flavors that are handcrafted right inside the creamery.

What makes ice cream better than it already is? Fun ice cream flavors. You can choose from flavors like Amber Rose, Basic Bish Vanilla, Let The Man Go, and Black Panther.

Their most popular flavors are the Amber Rose and the Cookie Monster. Amber Rose is a cotton candy flavored ice cream, with pop rocks scattered throughout. The Cookie Monster is a blue colored ice cream that is filled with cookies and cream and cookie dough pieces, as well as vanilla frosting mixed in. 

That is not all you get to choose, you also get to choose from the many unique toppings to go in your ice cream, or on your ice cream.

The toppings are sprinkled on top of your creation, or it is rolled on the side, making sure every bite has all the flavors you picked!

There are Fruity Pebbles, Froot Loops, Captain Crunch, pretzels, chocolate chip cookies, Oreos, and many more toppings you can add to your guilty pleasure.

The prices range from $5 to $10, depending on how bold you are feeling that day. 

Sweet Stack is the perfect place to go on a hot Georgia day after being at the pool, or running around Piedmont Park. You can check out all of their flavors and information here.

Sweet Stack Creamery is located at 171 Auburn Ave NE, C, Atlanta, Ga 30303.


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