French pastries are a delicacy that Texans don't come across very often, and there's no denying that we feel incredibly blessed when we do. Whether you're chowing down on macarons, pastries, or gelato there's no doubt your tastebuds are having a good time. Austin is expecting to get a French pastry shop that's home to all of this and more very soon, and we know what to expect thanks to the existing San Antonio location.

Le Macaron is officially getting an Austin location, according to its website. If you just can't wait, Le Macaron is actually one of the newer additions to The Shops at La Cantera, an outdoor shopping mall with restaurants and dessert shops galore. While it may have company, Le Macaron stands out among its competitors as a French pastry shop with 20+ macaron flavors, and more. Bubblegum, Rose, and Ginger Bread are just some of the many names given to their tasty, handcrafted macarons. 

San Antonio isn't the only city with a Le Macaron so far, you can find this glorious pastry shop scattered around the U.S. if you look hard enough. Spotting one is getting a bit easier for us Texans, though.

Whispers of a Le Macaron coming to Austin (possibly the Domain) have begun to spread, they even have "Coming Soon" next to "Austin" under the locations on their website. So while we know to expect one soon in ATX, where exactly it will be is still a mystery.

While you wait for that mystery to unravel itself, no matter where you live in Texas you should start planning a trip to San Antonio ASAP. Not only do they have delicious French pastries (and much more at La Cantera alone), but the holiday events they have coming up are out of this world. Count yourself lucky if you don't have to go far to get to either beloved cities.

Le Macaron

Price: πŸ’Έ

Cuisine: French Macarons

Address: TBA

Why You Need To Go: Macarons can't be found just anywhere, and for those who are awaiting the arrival of Le Macaron in Austin, their SA location isn't that far away!

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