Everyone has those days where they feel so hungry they could eat a horse. Filling up on delicious dishes at any restaurant can get expensive when you're that hungry. You have to head to a spot that gives you endless food for one solid price. This spot in San Marcos has unlimited sushi for only $12 and it is guaranteed to make you as full as possible.

Any big sushi lover in the area has to head over to Kobe Japanese Steak House for incredible lunch and dinner specials and tons of tasty sushi.

The Japanese spot offers all-you-can-eat sushi for only $12 per person before 4 p.m. After lunchtime ends, you can still enjoy unlimited sushi for only $15.

They have so many delicious rolls to choose from, from the classic California and Philadelphia rolls to more complex favorites like the Shaggy dog roll.

The unlimited option doesn't mean there's a big buffet for you to walk down and pick out sushi pieces from. All of your rolls will still be made to order. 

Basically, if you're the kind of person who orders two or more rolls each time you hit up a sushi restaurant, you will absolutely get your money's worth at this hot spot.

Prices for the unlimited sushi are per person, so there's no sharing between guests allowed. But hey, $24 for unlimited sushi for two? Now that's a good deal for a fun date night.

The restaurant also serves a variety of other tasty eats and drinks for you to choose from. They offer sashimi plates, yakimeshi, yummy bowls, and desserts. And all are listed at great prices, too!

While you're in San Marcos, you should definitely hit up the nearby Blanco River for the ultimate day of fun. Or, if you're a big foodie, you can head to Austin for a mouthwatering endless crab festival this spring.

Kobe Japanese Steak House

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Japanese

Address: 210 Springtown Way, San Marcos, TX

Why You Need To Go: For the most satisfying lunch or dinner you've ever had, consisting of all-you-can-eat sushi for simply $12.

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