These days, it can be pretty tough finding the waffle of your dreams on the streets of Austin. Many places have waffles, but few excite your taste buds in a way that you will remember forever. Well, look no further, the waffle of your dreams is now a reality. Waffle Love is an amazing food truck in Austin with 10 different types of insanely delicious waffles.

Utah, Arizona, California, Idaho, and finally Texas are the 5 lucky states to be home to their very own Waffle Love. With Austin being the land of food trucks, it makes sense as to why the owners would set up shop here. Their menu is different everywhere and Austin's is absolutely perfect for every Texan's taste. From Churro Dream to Grilled Cheese and Bisque, you'll find exactly what you're in the mood for. 

The Austin menu has two parts, the Texas Sweet Menu and the Texas Savory Menu. Anything from the Texas Sweet Menu starts off with a sweet belgian liege waffle and from there can be topped with anything such as caramel drizzle, cream cheese frosting, lemon curd, and more. You're able to choose from 7 different and cleverly named waffle masterpieces when it comes to this menu. And none of them are over $10!

The Texas Savory Menu has 3 options, Chicken and Waffles, Grilled Cheese and Bisque, and Summer Lovin' Salad. Waffles have never only been meant for breakfast time and this food truck continues to prove that point! If you're there for lunch, the sweet or savory menu will get you taken care of, they're so popular they've even been seen on the Food Network! Who knows what's next for them but you don't want to miss out while they're still in your city.

Waffle Love moves around pretty consitently, but you can find them in popular food truck locations such as Paloma Ridge and Parmer Ln. Follow them on their social media accounts listed on their website to keep track of where they're at next!

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