Not going to lie; writing this article resulted in me ordering a pie straight to my doorstep. I mean look at the pictures for God's sake. *Wipes up drool* 

Now, while I know the North End of Boston is known for its amazing pizza, (it is the Italian district after all) there are plenty of other pizza joints worth noting that offer sultry slices of cheesy goodness. Take Somerville for example - they've got 11 (and 1 in Medford) insanely delicious pizza spots that will, without a doubt, satisfy your pizza craving.

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Posto // 187 Elm St

What you should order: Margherita with Prosciutto

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Flatbread Company // 45 Day St

What you should order: Mopsy's Kalua Pork Pie

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Leone's Sub & Pizza // 292 Broadway

What you should order: Pepperoni Sicilian

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Oath Craft Pizza // 280 Elm St

What you should order: Spicy Mother Clucker

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Pepi's Pizzeria // 516 Medford St

What you should order: Buffalo Chicken Pizza

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Alfredo's Italian Kitchen // 284 Broadway

What you should order: Mama Maria

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Veggie Crust // 445 Somerville Ave

What you should order: Broccoli Spinach Feta

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Caesar's Pizza & Subs // 401 Somerville Ave

What you should order: Good ole Cheese

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Ernesto's // 641 Assembly Row

What you should order: Sausage Pizza

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Broadway Eatery // 1157 Broadway

What you should order: Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

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Romanzza Pizzeria & More // 362 Mystic Ave

What you should order: BBQ Chicken Pizza

Annie's Pizzeria (Medford) // 213 Middlesex Ave, Medford

* I know it's not in Somerville...but it's so close and so good...I had to add it

What you should order: Annie's Mess

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