So yes, the whole happy-hour-being-illegal thing sucks. Like, a lot. But at least there are a few decent food specials around Boston that kind of make up for it. Kind of.

If you choose the right restaurant, on the right day of the week, at just the right time, you can score yourself a pretty sweet deal. I'm talking dinner for less than $6 a person...that is, if you order wisely.

While I can't guarantee your bill will total in the single digits (let's be real - one drink will probably cost more than your entire dinner), the money you saved on food totally justifies an $8 beer.

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Minibar // 51 Huntington Ave

When: Monday-Thursday 5-7 PM

What: Mini kobe beef burgers for $2

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Estragon // 700 Harrison Ave

When: Monday-Thursday 5-7 PM

What: Tapas Blitz = $1, $3 and $5 tapas

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The Kinsale Irish Pub // 2 Center Plaza

When: Mondays after 5 pm

What: 25 cent wings

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The Asgard Irish Pub // 350 Mass Ave

When: Mondays after 5 pm

What: 25 cent wings (Yes, same owners as the Kinsale)

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Grendel's Den // 89 Winthrop St, Cambridge

When: Daily from 5 - 7:30 PM

What: Entire menu is half price (AKA a full burger for $4 - I'm in)

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Haru // 55 Huntington Ave

When: Monday-Friday from 3-7 PM & 10-close, Saturday from 3-6 PM

What: All apps under $8 (with most being $6 or less)

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Mix-It Restaurant // 1678 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge

When: Sunday-Thursday from 3-6 PM

What: $1 Chicken Satay or 50 cent wings

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Stella // 1525 Washington St

When: Monday-Friday from 4-6 PM

What: $6 appetizers

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Central Bistro // 34 Summer St

When: Monday-Friday from 4-6 PM

What: A selection of $5 plates

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Tremont 647 // 647 Tremont St

When: Mondays 5:30-7:30 PM ; Tuesdays 5-10 PM

What: $1 menu ; $2 tacos

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Met Back Bay // 279 Dartmouth Street

When: Mondays ; Tuesdays

What: $5 burger night, $6 taco night (includes 3 tacos)

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Vito's Tavern // 54 Salem St

When: Mondays ; Tuesdays ; Wednesday ; Thursday

What: $5 hot dogs and sliders ; $6 taco plates ; $5 10 piece wings ; $5 short rib sloppy joes

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