Boston isn't necessarily known for its bar scene, but that's not to say that the city doesn't know how to drink. There are certainly a variety of pubs, dive bars, classy bars, and "clubs," but for the most part, nothing too out of control...I mean, the city has a 2 pm curfew.

But there are always exceptions. Boston is a college town after all, which means there has GOT to be a few bars that inevitably pull out the drunken worst (or best) in you. The bars that, no matter how many times you go, always end up in some very, very regrettable decisions.

And for whatever reason, these types of bars migrate towards each other. Or more realistically, the same type of people migrate towards these bars. Either way, here are seven of them, all conveniently strewn about the Back Bay. Bottoms up.

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Clerys Bar & Restaurant // 113 Dartmouth St

Don't let the casual upstairs facade fool you. Make your way to the basement portion of Clerys for some dancing and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. Looking for a drunk ex-frat boy who's 100% DTF? Clerys is your spot.

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Pour House // 907 Boylston St

Cheap food, cheap booze = ultimate shit show (and haven for college kids). Again, downstairs is where most of the debauchery takes place. If there's a game on, expect extra loud bros clanking bud light bottles as they boast about last night's conquest.

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 The Brahmin // 33 Stanhope St

After waiting over an hour in line, you finally make your way to the bar and obviously need to take two, or three, okay five, shots to bring back the buzz that completely diminished in line. Things get a little fuzzy after your second $14 vodka Redbull...but you vaguely remember grinding, hard, with a random. He was pretty good looking at least. And not in college. Win.

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Dillon's // 955 Boylston St

If you're not in college, you will feel like you are right after you step into Dillon's. And pretty soon, you'll be too drunk to care. But the bouncer does, and out you go. Fvck it, you'll just go to McGreevy's and order food. Calories don't count when you don't remember them.

Storyville // 90 Exeter St

Let's do girls' night, they said. Let's go dancing, they said. It will be fun, they said. And it think. Nope, you have no idea, you were completely blackout. Maybe you should ask the guy lying (naked) next to you. Never mind, he doesn't speak english.

*Yes, I know these next two aren't technically in the Back Bay...but they're close enough. Deal with it*

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Whiskey Saigon // 116 Boylston St

Once you realize you are not drunk enough to be at Whiskey Saigon, you do the only thing that makes sense. You get drunk enough to be at Whiskey Saigon. What happens after that...only time will tell. Just try and keep your dress down.

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Royale // 279 Tremont St

After paying a ridiculous cover, you decide to drown your sorrows in booze. Half hour later, you're thrusting to EDM music against that same guy you labeled "creep," just a mere 30 minutes ago.

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