Eating a grilled cheese has the ability to take you back in time. Nothing is better than gooey, creamy, cheese in between two slices of buttery, crispy bread. Somehow, a Houston food truck is making this already drool-worthy meal even tastier, and we're eternally grateful.

Twisted Grilled Cheese is a roaming food truck that pops up in different locations around the Houston city limits.

Their twist (get it?) on a classic recipe produces the craziest and tastiest cheese sandwiches. Houstonians love cheese and this truck is quickly becoming a new favorite.

In between two slices of bread are not only gooey, delicious slices of cheese, but also some of your other favorite meals that taste amazing in sandwich form.

The food truck's menu includes grilled cheeses that are perfectly combined with Philly cheesesteaks, cheeseburgers, BBQ, and even pizza.

While this might not sound possible, it totally is, and we have Twisted Grilled Cheese to thank. 

To make matters better, they also offer a side of tomato soup that's perfect to dip these massive sandwiches into.

As if the combination of your favorite foods with grilled cheese isn't enough, they're even providing you with the perfect dipping sauce.

We'll take one of everything, please.

If their huge sandwiches aren't enough to fill you up and you need something sweet to go with all of that savory cheese, they also have super unique dessert sandwiches!

Both of their cheesy dessert sandwiches sound really tasty. One is made out of brie and cinnamon apples and the other is a sandwich take on a cheesecake.

To find Twisted Grilled Cheese and keep up with where the food truck is going to be at, keep an eye on their Instagram and Facebook pages.

They announce their upcoming locations, hours, and any specials they'll be having on both forms of social media.

Hunting down this Houston hot spot is a fun adventure and you know the hunt is worth the reward because a gourmet, fully-loaded grilled cheese is at the end!

Twisted Grilled Cheese

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Grilled cheeses

Address: Various Houston-area locations 

Why You Need To Go: It's your childhood favorite but elevated with crazy food combos and a bunch of cheesy gooeyness!

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