Hey Houston, if you've ever wondered what Elastigirl would look like as ice cream, your answers are about to be deliciously answered (Don't even try to tell me you haven't. Everyone has. Fact.). Booza Ice Cream is serving up some stretchy—yes, stretchy—ice cream in Houston and it's time we gave it some attention.

Booza officially opened its doors in April 2019 near the Galleria, but they're no stranger to the ice cream game. Their family love for the dessert dates back to the 1930s during the last day of the Ottoman Empire. Their first shop was opened in 1941 in Ramallah, Palestine and, thus, the first-ever Booza (a.k.a. stretchy ice cream) was born.

It finally made it's way to Houston just 78 years later. Booza (the official name for stretchy ice cream) is now just being introduced to our city.

Now, they have 24 flavors to choose from (with more promised to come). 

Some of the flavors include Ishta (Sweet Cream), Passion, Almond with Salted Peanuts, Turkish Coffee, and Rosewater.

And if the stretchy, creamy delicacy isn't your thing—they also serve gelato, sorbet, coffee, slushes, shakes, fruit salad, and an epic Chocolate Mud shake.

They're open every day, plus they stay open until 11 p.m. on weekends, so there's plenty of opportunities to stretchhhhh out of your comfort zone!

So put on your stretchy pants and try out some stretchy ice cream, or as some people call it, edible slime. Yum?

Looking for other one-of-a-kind ice cream shops? Check out Bae Houston and Snowy Village. 


Price: 💸

Cuisine: Arabian ice cream and gelato

Address: 5922 Richmond Ave Suite A, Houston, TX 77057

Why you need to go: To find out what exactly "stretchy" ice cream is. Your IG feed will thank you later.


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